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Looking for baby names? Looking for the meaning of your own name or someone else's? Welcome to baby-names-meanings.net, your source for thousands of popular and unique names. Finding the perfect name for your unborn child is an important thing that should be given a lot of attention. Many people choose a baby's name based on their liking of names they have heard often or may name their infant after an influential person in their life. Others may choose unique names they are fond of or may name the baby after learning the meanings of many names. Whatever your choice, baby-names-meanings.net is your one stop baby name location.

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Rian Aria Heaven Gold Grace Lion Peace Wolf
Mary Wind Love Faith Ella Honor Favor Royal
Moon Precious Erin Innocent Elizabeth Arian Eric Scott
Meadow Jessica Star Brandon Passion Home Andrew Rose
King Wise Bella Comfort Helen Lisa River Loyal
Spear John Strong Maria Anthony Thunder Kyle David
Bird Blue Michael Lily Angel Pearl Wood Varian
Desire Forest Ryan Friend Raven Nathan Mika Emma
Anna Wing Liam Christian Andrea Stone Elise Kevin
Mila Evelyn Jehovah Fate Emily Isla Lynn Hunt