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Baby names beginning with "A"

4526 names found for "A"   (page 1 of 91) 

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A'idah  (Muslim)
Visiting. Returning. Reward
A'isha  (Muslim)
Variant of Ayisha: Life. Vivaciousness. Living. Prosperous. Youngest Wife of the Prophet Muhammad
A'ishah  (Arabic)
A'Marie  (American)
Gracious Under Adversity
A'waan  (Muslim)
Helper. Assister
A'zam  (Muslim)
Greatest. Biggest
Aadam  (Muslim)
Variant of Adam: the Biblical Adam is the English Language Equivalent
Aadeel  (Muslim)
Variant of Aadil: Just
Aadi  (Hindu)
Aadi  (Hindu)
Aadil  (Muslim)
Aaditva  (Hindu)
Variant of Aditya: the Sun
Aafreeda  (Muslim)
Variant of Afreda: Created. Produced
Aage  (Norse)
Aaghaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Agha: Master. Owner
Aakav  (Hindu)
Aakesh  (Hindu)
Lord of the Sky
Aakif  (Muslim)
Given Attached
Aakil  (Hindu)
Aalam  (Muslim)
World. Universe
Aaleyah  (Muslim)
Variant of Aleyah: Exalted. Highest Social Standing
Aalif  (Muslim)
Compassionate. Affectionate
Aalim  (Muslim)
Variant of Alim: Man of Learning. Wise
Aaliyah  (Hebrew)
Aalok  (Hindu)
Light of God
Aamaal  (Muslim)
Variant of Amal: Hopes. Aspirations. Wishes
Aamil  (Muslim)
Variant of Amil: Worker. Effective
Aamin  (Hindu)
Grace of God
Aamir  (Muslim)
Variant of Amir: Populous. Full. Prosperous. Amply Settled. Civilized. Also Used to Refer to a Prince or Ruler
Aanan  (Hindu)
Aandaleeb  (Hindu)
Aaqaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Agha: Master. Owner
Aaqil  (Islamic)
Wise, Judicious, Intelligent, Prudent
Aaraa  (Muslim)
Variant of Ara: Embellishing. Adorning
Aaralyn  (American)
With Song
Aarao  (Hebrew)
Variant of Aaron: Lofty; Exalted; High Mountain. Biblically, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother (And Keeper by God's Command). He Was First High Priest of the Israelites, Remembered for the Miraculous Blo
Aaren  (Scandinavian)
Lofty or Inspired
Aaric  (Norse)
Variant of Aric Rule With Mercy
Aarif  (Muslim)
Acquainted. Knowledgeable. Devotee
Aaron  (Hebrew)
A Mountain; a Tower of Strength; in the Old Testament, the Elder Brother of Moses Who Helped Lead the Hebrews Out of Egypt
Aart  (Anglo Saxon)
Like an Eagle
Aasaf  (Muslim)
Clear. Lined Up
Aase  (Norse)
Tree Covered Mountain
Aasir  (Islamic)
Captivating, Fascinating
Aatifa Ateefa  (Muslim)
Variant of Atifa: Affection. Sympathy
Aatmadeva  (Hindu)
God of the Soul
Aatmik  (Hindu)
Aatoon  (Muslim)
Variant of Atun: Educator. Teacheress
Aatun  (Muslim)
Variant of Atun: Educator. Teacheress
Aazaad  (Muslim)
Variant of Azad: Independent. Free
4526 names found for "A"   (page 1 of 91) 

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