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Baby names beginning with "S"

2573 names found for "S"   (page 1 of 52) 

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Sa'aadat  (Muslim)
Variant of Sa'Adat: Happiness. Bliss
Sa'ad  (Muslim)
Felicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck
Sa'adat  (Muslim)
Happiness. Bliss
Sa'diah  (Muslim)
Luck. Good Fortune
Sa'diyya  (Muslim)
Variant of Sa'Diah: Luck. Good Fortune
Sa'eed  (Muslim)
Variant of Sa'Id: Happy. Lucky. Rivulet
Sa'eeda  (Muslim)
Variant of Sa'Ida: Happy. Lucky
Sa'id  (Muslim)
Happy. Lucky. Rivulet
Sa'ida  (Muslim)
Happy. Lucky
Sa'ood  (Muslim)
Variant of Sa'Ud: Felicities. Good Fortunes
Sa'ud  (Muslim)
Felicities. Good Fortunes
Saa  (Egyptian)
A Nature God
Saabiq  (Muslim)
Variant of Sabiq: Antecedent. Preceding
Saabir  (Muslim)
Variant of Sabir: Patient. Enduring
Saabira  (Muslim)
Variant of Sabirah: Patient. Enduring
Saad  (Muslim)
Variant of Sa'Ad: Felicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck
Saadaat  (Muslim)
Variant of Sadat: Master. Gentleman
Saadiqa  (Muslim)
Variant of Sadiqa: Truthful. Sincere
Saadya  (Hebrew)
God's Helper
Saagh  (Muslim)
Variant of Sagh: Listener. in Order
Saaghir  (Muslim)
Variant of Saghir: Submissive. Yielding
Saahib  (Muslim)
Variant of Sahib: Companion. Follower
Saahir  (Muslim)
Variant of Sahir: Charming. Enchanting. Wakeful
Saaim  (Muslim)
Variant of Sayyam: Fasting
Saajid  (Muslim)
Variant of Sajid: Prostrator. Adotar. One Who Worships God
Saaleh  (Muslim)
Variant of Salih: Good. Virtuous
Saaleha  (Muslim)
Variant of Salihah: Good. Useful. Correct. Agreeable. Pious
Saalih  (Muslim)
Variant of Salih: Good. Virtuous
Saalik  (Muslim)
Variant of Salik: Follower of a Spiritual Path
Saalim  (Muslim)
Variant of Salim: Secure. Safe. Mild. Free
Saaloot  (Muslim)
Variant of Salut: the Biblical Saul is the English Language Equivalent
Saaraa  (Muslim)
Variant of Sara: Pure. Happy
Saariyah  (Muslim)
Variant of Sariyah: Clouds at Night
Saba  (Muslim)
Eastern Wind
Sabaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Saba: Eastern Wind
Sabaah  (Muslim)
Variant of Sabah: Morning. Bright
Sabah  (Islamic)
Morning Air
Sabah  (Arabic)
Sabah  (Egyptian)
Born in the Morning
Sabana  (Spanish)
From the Open Plain
Sabaoth  (Biblical)
Lord of Hosts
Sabastian  (Greek)
Revered. The Twin Brother of Viola in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A Third-century Martyred Centurion Who Became St. Sebastian Patron Saint of Soldiers
Sabeans  (Biblical)
Captivity, Conversion, Old Age
Sabeans  (Biblical)
Captivity, Conversion, Old Age
Sabeeh  (Muslim)
Variant of Sabeh: Pretty. Handsome. Beautiful
Sabeeha  (Muslim)
Variant of Sabiha: Forenoon. Beautiful
Sabeh  (Muslim)
Pretty. Handsome. Beautiful
Saber  (French)
Sabih  (Arabic)
Sabiha  (Muslim)
Forenoon. Beautiful
2573 names found for "S"   (page 1 of 52) 

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