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Baby names beginning with "O"

666 names found for "O"   (page 1 of 14) 

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O'brian  (Irish)
O'brien  (Irish)
O'keefe  (Irish)
O'shay  (Irish)
O'shea  (Irish)
Oadira  (Muslim)
Powerful. Potent
Oafe  (African)
Your Descent Matters
Oaisara  (Muslim)
Empress. Wife of Caesar
Oakden  (English)
From the Oak Tree Valley
Oakes  (English)
Beside the Oak Trees (Ochs, Oakleyl
Oakes  (English)
Beside the Oak Trees
Oakley  (English)
From the Oak - Tree Meadow
Oakley  (English)
Field of Oak Trees
Oamra  (Muslim)
The Moon
Oates  (German)
Variant of Odo: Wealth
Oba  (African)
King (In Nigerian)
Obadiah  (Hebrew)
God's Servant (Obadias, Obed)
Obal  (Biblical)
Inconvenience of Old Age
Obayana  (Nigerian)
King of Fire
Obed  (Biblical)
A Servant; Workman
Obed-edom  (Biblical)
Servant of Edom
Obediah  (Hebrew)
Serves God
Obedience  (American)
To Obey
Obelia  (Greek)
Obelie  (Greek)
Pointed Pillar
Oberon  (German)
Bear Heart
Oberon  (Shakespearean)
'A Midsummer Night's Dream' King of the Fairies
Obert  (German)
Obharnait  (Irish)
The Color of Olive
Obiareus  (Greek)
A Titan
Obil  (Biblical)
That Weeps, Who Deserves to Be Bewailed
Obil  (Biblical)
That Weeps, Who Deserves to Be Bewailed
Oboth  (Biblical)
'Dragons, Fathers, Desires'
Ocean  (English)
Lover of the Sea
Ocean  (Greek)
Oceana  (Greek)
Form of Oceanus. in Greek Mythology Oceanus Was a Titan Father of Rivers and Water Nymphs
Oceanus  (Greek)
Father of the Oceanids
Ocelfa  (English)
From the High Plain
Ocnus  (Greek)
Ocran  (Biblical)
A Disturber, That Disorders
Octave  (French)
Born Eighth
Octavia  (Shakespearean)
'Antony and Cleopatra'. Sister to Caesar and Wife to Mark Antony
Octavian  (Latin)
Variant of Octavius: Born Eighth. Octavian Was the Name Used Commonly for the Emperor Augustus
Octaviana  (Latin)
Eighth. Feminine of Octavius. A Clan Name of Roman Emperors
Octavie  (Latin)
Born Eighth
Octavio  (Latin)
Octavious  (Latin)
Octavius  (Shakespearean)
'Antony and Cleopatra'. Octavius Caesar, Roman Triumvir. 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Triumvir After Caesar's Death, Later Augustus Caesar, First Emperor of Rome
Octe  (Anglo Saxon)
A Son of Hengist
Octha  (Anglo Saxon)
A Son of Hengist
666 names found for "O"   (page 1 of 14) 

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