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Meaning of the Name Octavia

The first name Octavia is of Shakespearean, Italian, Latin origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Shakespearean: 'Antony and Cleopatra'. Sister to Caesar and Wife to Mark Antony
Italian: Born Eighth
Latin: Born Eighth. in the Roman Empire, Octavia Was the Sister of Octavian Who Was Married to Mark Antony (As a Political Alliance). They Were Later Divorced (In Bc)
Latin: Eight, Sociable, Placid, Just. Usually Culivates, Some Hobby
Latin: The Eighth

Similar Names

Octave | Octavio | Octavie |

Related Names

Augustus  (Latin)
Meaning Venerable or Majestic, This Title Was First Bestowed on Roman Emperor Octavian in Bc
Octavian  (Latin)
Variant of Octavius: Born Eighth. Octavian Was the Name Used Commonly for the Emperor Augustus
Octaviana  (Latin)
Eighth. Feminine of Octavius. A Clan Name of Roman Emperors
Octavius  (Latin)
Born Eighth. Octavius Was a Roman Clan Name, As Well As the Original Name of Emperor Augustus (Commonly Known As Octavian). Traditionally, This Name Was Given to the Eighth Child in a Large Family
Tava  (Latin)
Abbreviation of Octavia: Born Eighth
Tavia  (Latin)
Abbreviation of Octavia: Born Eighth

Additional Names

Akil | Krodha | Nimat | Barachias | Arlen | Shaka | Lucette | Finn | Boyn | Kellie | Chinelo | Dominick | Gwanwyn | Vittorio | Celeus |