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African Baby Names, Meanings

841 names found for "African"   (page 1 of 17) 

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Aba  (African)
Born on Thursday
Abayomi  (African)
Nigerian Name Meaning Bringer of Happiness
Abba  (African)
Born on Thursday
Abdalla  (African)
Servant of God. (Swahili)
Abebe  (African)
Asked for (Nigerian)
Abebi  (African)
Asked for (Nigerian)
Abeeku  (African)
Ghanian Word for One Who is Born on Wednesday
Abejide  (African)
Nigerian Name for One Who is Born in the Wintertime
Abeni  (African)
Girl Prayed For
Abiba  (African)
Child Born After Grandmother Died
Abiodun  (African)
Nigerian Name Given to One Born During War
Abiola  (African)
Nigerian Name Given to One Born During the New Year
Abu  (African)
Ada  (African)
First Daughter. (Nigerian)
Adah  (African)
First Daughter. (Nigerian)
Adamma  (African)
Beautiful Girl
Adana  (African)
Her Father's Daughter. (Nigerian)
Adanna  (African)
Her Father's Daughter. (Nigerian)
Adanya  (African)
Her Father's Daughter. (Nigerian)
Addae  (African)
Ghanian Word for the Morning Sun
Addo  (African)
King of the Road
Ade  (African)
Crown, Royal
Adebayo  (African)
Nigerian for 'He Was Happy'
Adeben  (African)
Ghanian Name Given to the Twelfth-born Son
Adejola  (African)
Nigerian Name Meaning 'The Crown Needs Honour'
Adem  (African)
Red Earth
Adeola  (African)
Crown Has Honor
Adesina  (African)
Baby Who Inspires More to Follow
Adesola  (African)
Nigerian Name Meaning 'The Crown Honoured Us'
Adiel  (African)
Adiel  (African)
Adika  (African)
Ghanian Name Given to the First Child from a Second Husband
Adila  (African)
Just, Fair
Adio  (African)
Righteous. (Nigerian.)
Adisa  (African)
The Clear One (Nigerian)
Adita  (African)
Adofo  (African)
Ghanian Word for Warrior
Adom  (African)
God's Blessing. (Ghanian)
Adunbi  (African)
Nigerian Word for Pleasant
Adusa  (African)
Ghanian Name Given to the Thirteenth-born Child
Affrica  (African American)
From Africa
Afia  (African)
Born on Friday
Afric  (African American)
Africa  (African American)
Afya  (African)
Aganju  (African)
In Yoruban Mythology, Aganju Was the Son and Husband of Ododua, the Earth Goddess
Aiyetoro  (African)
Peace on Earth. (Nigerian)
Ajani  (African)
He Fights for Possession. (Nigerian)
Akanni  (African)
Profitable Encounter; Our Encounter Brings Wealth (Nigerian)
Akia  (African)
First Born
841 names found for "African"   (page 1 of 17) 

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