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Meaning of the Name Adah

The first name Adah is of Biblical, Hebrew, African origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: An Assembly
Hebrew: Ornament, Ascetic, Fretful, Clear-minded
African: First Daughter. (Nigerian)
Hebrew: Beautiful. Ornament. The Old Testament Wives of Lamech and Esau Were Named Adah. Used Occasionally in English-speaking Countries
Hebrew: Beautiful Addition

Similar Names

Adad | Adadah | Adahy | Adaia | Adaiah | Adaih | Adao | Adaya | Adda | Addae |

Related Names

Adadah  (Biblical)
Testimony of the Assembly
Adahy  (Native American)
Lives in the Woods (Cherokee)
Adahy  (Native American)
In the Woods
Amadahy  (Native American)
Forest Water (Cherokee)
Amadahy  (Native American)
Forest Water
Eladah  (Biblical)
The Eternity of God
Ghadah  (Muslim)
Haradah  (Biblical)
Well of Great Fear
Haradah  (Biblical)
Well of Great Fear
Jehoadah  (Biblical)
Passing Over, Testimony of the Lord
Laadah  (Biblical)
To Assemble Together, to Testify, Passing Over
Mayyadah  (Muslim)
Variant of Maysa': to Walk With a Proud Swinging Gait
Moladah  (Biblical)
Birth, Generation
Moladah  (Biblical)
Birth, Generation
Qatadah  (Muslim)
A Hardwood Tree
Sadah  (Arabic)
Good Fortune-from Zada
Ubaadah  (Muslim)
Variant of Ubadah: Old Arabic Name
Ubadah  (Muslim)
Old Arabic Name
Ziyadah  (Islamic)
Swift in Speed. Origin: Arabic

Additional Names

Fitz Gibbon | Angelina | Eila | Lisette | Alastair | Cenehard | Lauretta | Rodor | Bovra | Jessamyn | Shatrujit | Giannina | Mahal | Sondo | Zabdi |