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Meaning of the Name Alina

The first name Alina is of Teutonic, Latin, Slavic, Greek, Celtic, German, Gaelic, Russian, Polish, Irish, Dutch origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Teutonic: Noble
Latin: Of the Nobility. Variant of Adelina
Slavic: Noble, Kind
Greek: Light
Celtic: Fair
German: Diminutive of Adeline, from the Old German 'Athal' Meaning Noble
Gaelic: Bright
Russian: Beautiful
Polish: Beautiful
Russian: Bright, Beautiful
Irish: Beautiful
Dutch: Alone

Similar Names

Ailin | Alain | Alan | Alano | Alayna | Alen | Alewina | Alhena | Alian | Alim |

Related Names

Adalina  (Teutonic)
Aileen  (English)
Bright One, Shining One; Variations: Eileen, Alina, Aline Pet Name: Ailie, (A-leen)
Annalina  (Swedish)
Graceful Light
Calina  (Russian)
Variant of Helen
Catalina  (Portuguese)
Form of the Greek Catherine Meaning Pure
Catalina  (Spanish)
Chalina  (Spanish)
Form of Rosa
Coralina  (Greek)
From the Coral of the Sea
Eileen  (Scottish)
Hazelnut; an Anglicized Form of Eibhlin. Variations: Aileen, Alina, Aline. Pet: Ailie, Eilie. (I-leen)
Evalina  (English)
Form of Evelyn: Life
Galina  (Hebrew)
God Shall Redeem
Galina  (English)
Variant of Helen. in Mythology the Abduction of Zeus's Mortal Daughter Helen Sparked the Trojan War
Galina  (Greek)
Light. Variant of Helen. in Mythology the Abduction of Zeus's Mortal Daughter Helen Sparked the Trojan War
Galina  (Russian)
God Has Redeemed; Bright (Galya,Galochka)
Halina  (Greek)
Halina  (Polish)
Idalina  (Teutonic)
Working Noble Idelle
Kalina  (Czechoslovakian)
A Flower Name and Place Name
Kalina  (Polish)
A Flower Name
Kalina  (Greek)
A Rosebud; (In Polish: Flower) (Kalena, Kaleen, Kalene)
Kalina  (Slavic)
Kalinda  (Hindu)
The Sun (Kalina, Kaleena)
Katalina  (Greek)
Variant of Katherine. Pure
Malcolmina  (English)
A Servant of St. Columba; a Feminine Form of Malcolm. Variation: Malina. (Mal-ko-mee-nah)
Malina  (Hawaiian)
Calming; Soothing
Malina  (Hebrew)
Tower, Soothing
Malina  (Hebrew)
From the Tower
Malina  (Hawaiian)
Masalina  (Native American)
Unknown Meaning
Opalina  (Sanskrit)
Rosalina  (Latin)
Rosalind  (Latin)
Lovely Rose (Rosalie, Rosaline, Rosalina, Rosalyn, Reselynda, Roslyn, Rosalinda)
Rose  (Italian)
Rose (Roe, Rosalie, Rosa, Rosalind, Rosalina, Rosella, Rosette, Rosie, Roza, Rozalie, Ruzha, Rosalia, Rosana, Rosita, Rozina, Rosetta, Rosemary, Roselani)
Salena  (Latin)
Salty (Salina, Selena)
Salina  (Latin)
From a Salty Place
Salina  (English)
Variant of Sally (From Sarah: Princess)
Salina  (Greek)
Variant of Selina: Moon Goddess

Additional Names

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