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Meaning of the Name Abba

The first name Abba is of Biblical, Hebrew, Arabic, African origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: Father
Hebrew: Father
Arabic: Father
African: Born on Thursday

Similar Names

Abe | Abi | Abia | Abiah | Abib | Abu | Afa | Apia | Avia | Aba |

Related Names

Abbaad  (Islamic)
Worshipper (Abbad)
Abban  (Irish)
Abbas  (Islamic)
Ancestor of the Abbasid Dynasty of the Islamic Empire Who Ruled As Caliphs of Baghdad (7501258). He Was the Maternal Uncle of the Prophet Mohammed. A Rich Merchant of Mecca, He Was at First Hostile t
Abbas  (Muslim)
Description of a Lion
Abbas  (Arabic)
Stern; Lion
Abd al Jabbar  (Arabic)
Servant of the Mighty
Abdal Jabbar  (Arabic)
Variant of Abdal Jabir: Servant of the Comforter
Abdul Jabbar  (Arabic)
One Who Serves the Comforter
Barabbas  (Biblical)
Son of Shame Confusion
Dabbasheth  (Biblical)
Flowing With Honey
Dabbasheth  (Biblical)
Flowing With Honey
Gabbai  (Biblical)
The Back
Gabbai  (Biblical)
The Back
Gabbatha  (Biblical)
High, Elevated
Gabbatha  (Biblical)
High, Elevated
Jabbar  (Arabic)
Rabbah  (Biblical)
'Great, Powerful, Contentious'
Tabbart  (German)
Tabbath  (Biblical)
Good, Goodness
Tabbath  (Biblical)
Good, Goodness
Zabbai  (Biblical)

Additional Names

Aesculapius | Maxim | Brahma | Iriana | Bron | Arela | Sarilyn | Jerilyn | Sami | Rosalind | Ghalib | Juliet | Freemon | Obadiah | Apollonia |