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Meaning of the Name Glenn

The first name Glenn is of Gaelic, Welsh, Celtic/Gaelic, Celtic origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Gaelic: Derived from the Gaelic 'Gleana', Meaning Valley. Used Both As a Surname and Given Name. Famous Bearer: Canadian Actor Glenn Ford
Welsh: Dwells in the Glen
Celtic/Gaelic: From the Name Glen
Celtic: From the Valley
Celtic: Valley (Glen, Glyn, Glynn)
Gaelic: From the Glen. Valley. Variant of Glenna. Famous Bearer: Actress Glenn Close

Similar Names

Galen | Galeno | Galeun | Gilen | Gleann | Glen | Glyn | Glynn | Galena | Glain |

Related Names

Glen  (Celtic)
Valley (Glenn, Glyn, Glynn)
Glenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Femenine Form of Glen
Glenna  (Gaelic)
Feminine Form of Glen or Glenn, Derived from the Gaelic 'Gleana', Meaning Valley, or from the Glen
Glenna  (Scottish)
Mountain Valley, a Narrow; a Feminine Form of Glenn, a Name Derived from the Gaelic Gleann. (Glen-nah)
Glenna  (Irish)
Of the Glen
Glenna  (Gaelic)
Valley (Glen, Glenn)
Glenne  (Gaelic)
Valley. from the Glen
Glennis  (Gaelic)
From the Glen. Valley
Glennis  (English)
From the Valley or Glen
Glynn  (Welsh)
Fair; Good. from the Glenn

Additional Names

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