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Meaning of the Name Brandon

The first name Brandon is of English, Teutonic, Shakespearean, Celtic/Gaelic, Irish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Derived from a Surname and Place Name Based on the Old English for 'Hill Covered With Broom'. Broom is a Prolific Weed. Also, 'From the Beacon Hill'
Teutonic: From the Beacon Hill
Shakespearean: 'Henry Vi, ' Sir John Stanley. 'Henry Vi, Part Iii' Sir William Stanley. 'As You Like It' a Country Fellow, in Love With Audrey. 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' a Boy, Son to Page. 'Richard Iii' Sir Will
Celtic/Gaelic: Little Raven
English: Smart, Funny, Caring, and Loving
Irish: Variant of Brendan: Prince, or Brave. Some Scholars Believe Brendan Means 'stinking Hair'

Similar Names

Brandan | Branddun | Branden | Brandin | Brandyn | Branton | Breandan | Brendan | Brenden | Brendin |

Related Names

Bran  (English)
Diminutive of Brandon: Sword; Fiery Hill
Brand  (German)
Fiery Torch; Beacon. Also a Variant of Brandon. Brandt: (German) 'Fiery Torch; Beacon.'
Brannan  (Irish)
Variant of Brandon
Brannen  (Irish)
Variant of Brandon
Brannon  (Irish)
Variant of Brandon
Branson  (Irish)
Variant of Brandon

Additional Names

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