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Meaning of the Name Heaven

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The first name Heaven is of American origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

American: From the Heavens

Similar Names

Haben | Haven | Havyn | Hoven |

Related Names

Ciel  (Latin)
From Heaven, Heavenly
Dionne  (Greek)
Daughter of Heaven and Earth
Dionne  (French)
Daughter of Heaven and Earth; French 16th Century Princess
Divya  (Indian)
heavenly, brilliant
Divya  (Hindu)
Heavenly, Brilliant
Ella  (Spanish)
One from Heaven
Falak  (Hindu)
Gagan  (Indian)
sky, heaven
Gaganvihari  (Indian)
one who stays in heaven
Gandharva  (Hindu)
Heavenly Musicians
Gimle  (Norse)
New Heaven
Gimle  (Norse)
New Heaven
Heavynne  (English)
Hera  (Greek)
Hera: (The Roman Juno) Was the Mythological Greek Queen of Heaven and Wife of Zeus. Dealing With Her Husband's Infidelities She Came to Be Called the Goddess of Marriages
Inara  (Arabic)
Ray of Light, Heaven Sent
Indira  (Hindu)
God of Heaven and Thunderstorms
Indra  (Hindu)
God of Heaven and Thunderstorms
Ingram  (English)
Heavenly Messenger (Ingrim)
Iram  (Muslim)
Heaven. Garden
Irisa  (Russian)
Rainbow. Also a Flower Name. Iris Was the Mythological Messenger-goddess Who Rode on Rainbows from Heaven to Earth to Deliver Messages from Olympus
Isis  (Egyptian)
Heavenly Throne
Isis  (Egyptian)
The Heavenly Throne
Iwalani  (Hawaiian)
Heavenly Seagull
Jannat  (Muslim)
Heaven. Garden
Jennet  (Muslim)
Variant of Jannat: Heaven. Garden
Kalani  (Hawaiian)
The Heavens
Karuka  (Indian)
heavenly piece of art
Karuka  (Hindu)
Heavenly Piece of Art
Leia  (Hawaiian)
Child of Heaven; Heavenly Flowers
Leilani  (Hawaiian)
Heavenly Flower
Lokelani  (Hawaiian)
Rose Blossom, Heavenly Rose
Lulani  (Hawaiian)
Heaven's Peak
Mandar  (Hindu)
Tree of Heaven
Mapiya  (Native American)
Meena  (Muslim)
Starling. Heaven. Glass
Mina  (Muslim)
Variant of Meena: Starling. Heaven. Glass
Minau  (Persian)
Nalani  (Hawaiian)
Heaven's Calm
Nalanie  (Hawaiian)
Heaven's Calm
Nalini  (All Nationalities)
Heaven's Calm
Nevaeh  (American)
Nilay  (Indian)
Niloufer  (Hindu)
From the Heavens
Noelani  (Hawaiian)
Beautiful One from Heaven
Noelani  (Hawaiian)
Heavenly Mist, Dew
Noelani  (Hawaiian)
Mist of Heaven
Nohealani  (Hawaiian)
Beauty from Heaven
Okalani  (Hawaiian)
Okilani  (Hawaiian)
Descended from the Heavens
129 names found for "Heaven"   (page 2 of 3) 

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