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Meaning of the Name Iram

The first name Iram is of Hebrew, Muslim, Biblical origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: Shining
Muslim: Heaven. Garden
Biblical: The Effusion of Them, a High Heap

Similar Names

Iren | Irma |

Related Names

Abhiram  (Hindu)
Lovely, Pleasing
Abiram  (Biblical)
High Father; Father of Deceit
Abiram  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Apelama: He Who Has Many Children
Abiram  (Hebrew)
Variant of Aviram: My Father is Strong; Father of Heights
Adoniram  (Biblical)
My Lord is Most High; Lord of Might and Elevation
Ahiram  (Biblical)
Brother of Craft or of Protection
Amiram  (Hebrew)
Of Lofty People
Aviram  (Hebrew)
My Father is Strong; Father of Heights
Chiram  (Hebrew)
Exalted Brother; Noble
Condwiramurs  (Arthurian Legend)
Wife of Percival
Hiram  (Biblical)
'Exaltation of Life, a Destroyer'
Hiram  (Hebrew)
My Brother is Exalted. A King of Tyre from the Old Testament
Maniram  (Indian)
jewel of a person
Niramitra  (Indian)
son of pandava Sahadeva
Pattabhiram  (Hindu)
Sri Ram, Lord Rama Enthroned
Piram  (Biblical)
A Wild Ass of Them
Sairam  (Hindu)
A Saint
Sheiramoth  (Hebrew)
From Heaven
Shemiramoth  (Biblical)
The Height of the Heavens
Sriram  (Indian)
Lord Rama

Additional Names

Aghaveagh | Igone | Viktoryn | Bildad | Amhi | Odion | Timothy | Lavinia | Donna | Jolgeir | Shelley | Pennleah | Allison | Mei | Kanchana |