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Meaning of the Name Hera

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The first name Hera is of Greek origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Goddess of Maternity
Greek: Goddess of Womanhood and Maternity
Greek: Hera: (The Roman Juno) Was the Mythological Greek Queen of Heaven and Wife of Zeus. Dealing With Her Husband's Infidelities She Came to Be Called the Goddess of Marriages

Similar Names

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Related Names

Admetus  (Greek)
A King of Pherae
Anthea  (Greek)
Flower; Lady of Flowers. Flowery. One of the Names Borne by Goddess Hera in Greek Mythology, Revived by Pastoral Poets
Boda  (English)
Booth  (Norse)
Botewolf  (English)
Herald Wolf
Bothe  (Norse)
Bothi  (Norse)
Botwolf  (English)
Herald Wolf
Cheran  (Biblical)
Cheran  (Biblical)
Cythera  (Greek)
From Cythera
Cytherea  (Greek)
Derived from Cythera, a Greek Island Mentioned in Classical References to the Goddess Aphrodite. Another Name for Aphrodite
ErcwIff  (Welsh)
Welsh Form of Hercules 'Hera's Glory'
Gherardo  (English)
Spear Hard
Hebe  (Greek)
Youth. in Greek Mythology, Goddess of Youth and Cupbearer to the Gods. Granddaughter of Zeus and Hera
Heraklesr  (Greek)
Son of Zeus
Herald  (Teutonic)
One Who Proclaims. Also Variant of Harold 'Army Commander.'
Herald  (English)
One Who Proclaims. Also Variant of Harold 'Army Commander.'
Heraldo  (Teutonic)
Army Commander
Heraldo  (English)
Army Commander
Heramba  (Hindu)
Heramba  (Indian)
boastful, name of Ganapati
Hercules  (Greek)
In Hera's Service. The Mythological Greek Hercules Was a Son of Zeus and an Extraordinarily Strong Man
Hercules  (Latin)
Glory of Hera. Glorious Gift. Derived from the Greek Name Heracles. in Greek Mythology, Hercules (Or Heracles) Was the Son of Zeus, Who Performed the Twelve Labours After Killing His Wife and Children
Hugiherahta  (German)
Jauhera  (Muslim)
Jewel. Gem
Ladon  (Greek)
Dragon of Hera
Mecherath  (Biblical)
Selling, Knowledge
Mecherath  (Biblical)
Selling, Knowledge
Montjoy  (Shakespearean)
'King Henry V' a French Herald
Nephele  (Greek)
The Cloud Hera Made by Zeus That Birthed the Centaurs
Potipherah  (Biblical)
That Scatters Abroad, or Demolishes, the Fat
Reginheraht  (German)
Mighty or Intelligent
Scolaighe  (Irish)
Scully  (Irish)
Shamsherai  (Biblical)
There a Singer or Conqueror
Sherah  (Biblical)
Flesh, Relationship
Sherard  (Anglo Saxon)
Of Glorious Valor
Teresa  (Greek)
Reap; from Therasia
Terri  (Greek)
Diminutive of Teresa: Reap; from Therasia
Terry  (Greek)
Diminutive of Teresa: Reap; from Therasia
Tess  (Greek)
Diminutive of Teresa: Reap; from Therasia
Tessa  (Greek)
Born Fourth; Also a Diminutive of Teresa: Reaper; from Therasia
Tessie  (Greek)
Reaper; from Therasia
Thera  (Greek)
Harvester, Reaper
Thera  (Greek)
Theresa  (Greek)
Variant of Teresa: Reaper; from Therasia
56 names found for "Hera"   (page 1 of 2) 

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