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Meaning of the Name Terry

The first name Terry is of German, Latin, Greek, English, Teutonic, Norse origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Variant of Theodoric: Ruler of the People
Latin: From the Name Terence
Greek: Diminutive of Teresa: Reap; from Therasia
English: Abbreviation of Teresa, Meaning Harvester
Teutonic: People's Rule
Norse: Diminutive of Terence: Like Thor (Thor Was the Head of the Norse Pantheon and God of Thunder)
Latin: Diminutive of Terence: Derived from the Name of a Roman Clan (Terentius)
English: Abbreviation of Terrance and Terrell. Terry is Also an Anglicized Phonetic Form of the French Given Name Thierry from an Older Germanic Name Meaning 'Powerful; Ruler of the People.'

Similar Names

Terah | Thierry | Torey | Torr | Torre | Torrey | Torry | Tory | Trey | Trory |

Related Names

Ellen  (English)
A Variant of the Greek Helen, Meaning Shining Light, or Most Beautiful Woman. Famous Bearer: British Actress Dame Ellen Terry
Terence  (Latin)
Tender, Another Form is Terry, Soft-hearted, Easily-swayed, Cultured
Terenge  (Latin)
Tender (Terrence, Terry)
Teresa  (Greek)
Harvester (Teri, Terri, Terry, Tess, Tessa, Theresa, Thee, Traci, Tracy, Tracee, Teresita, Terezihna)
Terris  (Teutonic)
Son of Terry
Terriss  (Teutonic)
Son of Terry
Terryal  (American)
Terryn  (English)
Abbreviation of Teresa, Meaning Harvester
Terrys  (English)
Son of Terrell

Additional Names

Michiko | Bonnie | Carnela | Bionbyr | Makani | Jennifer | Stacy | Christoph | Carson | Daly | Saahir | Maryam | Fritjof | Notus | Gaetan |