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Meaning of the Name Hori

The first name Hori is of Biblical origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: A Prince; Freeborn

Similar Names

Hara | Hare | Hari | Haru | Heru | Hor | Horry | Hur | Huri | Hera |

Related Names

Aarif  (Islamic)
Learned, Expert, Authority, Saint
Freodhoric  (English)
An Old English Name from the Old German Frithuric, Meaning Peaceful Ruler
Horims  (Biblical)
Princes, Being Angry
Horims  (Biblical)
Princes, Being Angry
Hromund  (Norse)
Son of Thori
Ketil  (Norse)
Son of Thori
Kishori  (Indian)
a young girl
Kishori  (Hindu)
A Young Girl
Kshitija  (Hindu)
Lychorida  (Shakespearean)
'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' Nurse to Marina
Mukhtaar  (Muslim)
Variant of Mukhtar: Chosen. Authorized
Mukhtar  (Muslim)
Chosen. Authorized
Thorian  (Scandinavian)
Thunder. Variant of Thor. Surname
Thoridyss  (Norse)
Spirit of Thor
Thorin  (Scandinavian)
Variant of Thor 'Thunder.' Surname
Thorir  (Norse)
Son of Asa
Thorir  (Norse)
Udayagiri  (Hindu)
A Hill on Eastern Horizon
Yul  (Chinese)
Beyond the Horizon (Yule)
Yul  (Chinese)
Past the Horizon

Additional Names

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