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Meaning of the Name Indra

The first name Indra is of Hindu, Indian origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hindu: Supreme God
Hindu: King of the Gods
Hindu: God of Rain and Thunder
Indian: Supreme God
Hindu: God of Heaven and Thunderstorms

Similar Names

Inder | Indira |

Related Names

Amaravathi  (Hindu)
Indra's Capital
Avanindra  (Indian)
king of the earth
Avanindra  (Indian)
king of the earth
Avanindra  (Hindu)
Lord of the Earth
Balindra  (Hindu)
King Bali
Devaraj  (Hindu)
Devendra  (Hindu)
Indradutt  (Indian)
gift of Indra
Indrajit  (Indian)
conquerer of Indra
Indrakshi  (Indian)
one with beautiful eyes
Indrakshi  (Hindu)
One With Beautiful Eyes
Indraneel  (Indian)
Indrani  (Indian)
wife of Indra
Indrani  (Indian)
Goddess of the Sky
Indrani  (Hindu)
Wife of Indra
Kavindra  (Hindu)
Kindra  (English)
Blend of Ken: (Royal Obligation;Clear Water) and Sandra: (Protector of Man) or Andrea: (Manly or Masculine)
Mahendra  (Indian)
Manindra  (Indian)
Parindra  (Indian)
Phanindra  (Indian)
king of gods
Prateendra  (Hindu)
Like Indra
Ravindra  (Indian)
Sachi  (Hindu)
Wife of Indra
Sachi  (Indian)
Wife of Indra
Satamanyu  (Hindu)
Indra Who Has Performed One Hundred Yagas
Vasava  (Indian)
Yatindra  (Hindu)
King of Yatis

Additional Names

Jacoba | Inesa | Horus | Pygmalion | Terence | Iddo | Mahalah | Majeedah | Douglas | Tiberia | Hwaeteleah | Liliane | Sydney | Keren | Cercyon |