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Meaning of the Name Marian

The first name Marian is of Latin, French, English, Hebrew origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Warring
French: Bitter
English: From Mary and Ann
Latin: Variant of Mary: Bitter
Hebrew: Variant of Mary: Wished-for Child; Rebellion; Bitter

Similar Names

Mairin | Maram | Maren | Mariam | Mariano | Marino | Marion | Marmion | Marnin | Marwan |

Related Names

Mariana  (Shakespearean)
'All's Well That Ends Well.' Neighbour and Friend to the Widow of Florence 'Measure for Measure' Betrothed to Angelo
Mariana  (Spanish)
Combination of Mary and Ann
Mariana  (Latin)
Variant of Mary: Bitter. A Shakespearian Character Noted for Her Loyalty in Measure for Measure
Marianda  (Latin)
Variant of Mary: Bitter
Mariane  (French)
Variant of Latin Mary: Bitter
Mariann  (Latin)
Variant of Mary: Bitter
Marianna  (Hungarian)
Bitter or Grace
Marianna  (Latin)
Variant of Mary: Bitter
Marianna  (Russian)
Marianna  (Russian)
Form of Mary ;Rebellious (Masha)
Marianne  (Norse)
Bitter Grace
Marianne  (Hebrew)
Bitter Grace, Unsociable, Intellectual, Determined
Marianne  (Greek)
Combination of Mary and Anne
Marianne  (French)
Compound of Marie (Wished-for Child; Rebellion; Bitter) and Anne (Favor or Grace). Also a Variant of Marian
Marianne  (French)
From the Name Mary and Anna
Marianne  (Danish)
Marianne  (Russian)
Marianne  (Latin)
Variant of Mary: Bitter
Mariano  (Spanish)
Masculine Form of Marie
Mary  (Hebrew)
Sympathetic (Mari, Marie, Maria, Marian, Marion, Mariann, Marilee, Marilyn, Marietta, Marlene, Marlena, Marline, Maureen, Maura, Nnoira, May, Mimi, Molly, Mollie)

Additional Names

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