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Meaning of the Name Reem

The first name Reem is of Muslim origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Muslim: Gazelle. White Antelope

Similar Names

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Related Names

Abdul Kareem  (Arabic)
Variant of Abdul Karim: One Who Serves a Generous Man
Abdul Kareem  (Muslim)
Servant of the Noble. Generous
Abdul Karim  (Muslim)
Variant of Abdul Kareem: Servant of the Noble. Generous
Abdul-Kareem  (Muslim)
Servant of the Noble. Generous
Abdul-Karim  (Muslim)
Variant of Abdul-kareem: Servant of the Noble. Generous
Abdulkareem  (Arabic)
Slave of the Generous God
Angusina  (Scottish)
Unique Choice; a Feminine Form of Angus, the Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Aonghus and Aonghas, Both of Which are Derived from the Element Aon (One, Choice, Preeminent). (Ain-guh-see-nah)
Diarmad  (Gaelic)
A Gaelic Name of Uncertain Derivation, Diarmad is Thought to Be from the Elements Di (Without) and Airmit (Injunction): Hence, 'Freeman.' Anglicized Forms: Dermid, Dermot, Diarmid
Freeman  (Anglo Saxon)
Free Man
Freeman  (English)
Free Man
Freeman  (English)
Free Man; a Man Freed from Bound Servitude to an Overlord. Surname
Freemon  (English)
Variant of Freeman: Free Man
Kareem  (Islamic)
Kareem  (Arabic)
Very Generous
Kareem  (Muslim)
Variant of Karim: Generous. Noble
Kareem  (Hindu)
Kind of Merciful Person
Kareem  (Arabic)
Kareem  (Islamic)
Exalted, Noble (Karim)
Kareema  (Muslim)
Variant of Karima: Precious. Magnificent
Karim  (Arabic)
From the Name Kareem
Reema  (Muslim)
Variant of Reem: Gazelle. White Antelope

Additional Names

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