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Meaning of the Name Aman

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The first name Aman is of African, Hindu, Biblical, Muslim, Islamic origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

African: Trustworthy
Hindu: Peace & Tranquility
African: Trustworthy
Biblical: Mother; Fear of Them
Muslim: Protection. Without Fear
Islamic: Trust, Safety, Protection

Similar Names

Aamin | Aanan | Ahane | Ahanu | Ahian | Ahiman | Aimon | Ain | Am | Amaan |

Related Names

Abhramani  (Hindu)
Sun or Moon
Almaas  (Muslim)
Variant of Almas: Diamond. Adamant
Almas  (Muslim)
Diamond. Adamant
Amaan  (Muslim)
Variant of Aman: Protection. Without Fear
Amana  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Alemana: Warrior
Amana  (Biblical)
Integrity, Truth, a Nurse
Amana  (Biblical)
Integrity, Truth, a Nurse
Amanaki  (Polynesian)
Amanat  (Muslim)
Variant of Amaanat: Security. Deposit
Amanda  (English)
Worthy of Love; Loveable; Thoughtful and Wise
Amanda  (Latin)
Worthy of Love
Amanda  (Irish)
Worthy of Love
Amanda  (English)
Worthy of Being Loved. Literary; Poets and Playwrights Brought This Name into Popular Usage in the Seventeenth Century
Amanda  (Latin)
Lovable, Worthy of Love. Some Scholars Believe This Name Was Invented by British Dramatist Colley Cibber Who Gave it to a Character in His Play 'Love's Last Shift.' Noel Coward Later Named a Character
Amanda  (Spanish)
Amanda  (Latin)
Deserving of Great Love
Amandla  (African)
Amani  (Islamic)
Wish, Aspiration
Amani  (Muslim)
Wishes. Aspirations
Amani  (African)
Amantha  (Greek)
Variant of Amarantha. A Flower Name. Variant of Samantha
Balamani  (Indian)
young jewel
Beaman  (English)
Beamann  (English)
Variant of Beaman: Beekeeper
Beamen  (English)
Variant of Beaman: Beekeeper
Beeman  (English)
Variant of Beaman: Beekeeper
Benjaman  (English)
Variant of Benjamin: Right-hand Son. Also a Variant of Benedict
Ceolbeorht  (English)
Chaman  (Hindu)
Chaman  (Indian)
Chintamani  (Indian)
philosopher's stone
Chudamani  (Indian)
crest jewel
Colbert  (English)
Colvert  (English)
Culbart  (English)
Culbert  (English)
Daman  (Celtic)
Daman  (Irish)
Daman  (Greek)
Variant of Damon: Gentle. to Tame. A Variant of Damian. in Greek Legend Damon Was a Loyal Friend of Pythias. Famous Bearer in Modern Times: American Author Damon Runyon
Darren  (English)
Great. Origin Uncertain. Famous Bearer: S Husband of Samantha in the American Television Sitcom 'Bewitched'
Diamanda  (English)
Of High Value; Brilliant. The Precious Diamond Stone
Diamanta  (French)
Diamante  (English)
Of High Value; Brilliant. The Precious Diamond Stone
Eaman  (Gaelic)
107 names found for "Aman"   (page 1 of 3) 

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Additional Names

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