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Meaning of the Name Oles

The first name Oles is of Greek origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Defender of Man

Similar Names

Oleg | Olesia | Olexa | Olga | Olisa |

Related Names

Althea  (Greek)
Wholesome, from the Verb Meaning 'To Heal'. Althaia Was the Greek Name for the Marshmallow Plant Which Was Believed to Have Healing Powers. Made Popular by Richard Lovelace's Poem 'To Althea, from Pri
Bolek  (Czech)
Variant of Boleslav: Great Glory
Boleslaus  (Slavic)
Boleslav  (Czech)
Great Glory
Boleslaw  (Polish)
Great Glory
Elin  (Norse)
Daughter of the Russian King Boleslaw
Lalita  (Hindu)
Variety, Beauty, Playful, Amorous. it is the Name of One of the Amorous Playmates of the Adolescent Krishna. Origin: Sanskrit
OLes  (Polish)
Polish Form of Alexander 'Defends Mankind'
Olesia  (Polish)
Polish Form of Alexandra: Defends Mankind
Olesia  (Polish)
Protector of Humanity

Additional Names

Amanda | Oki | Nabha | Lauro | Samina | Maadai | Boaz | Gwynn | Zelia | Maitland | Gezane | Aluin | Hosanna | Horam | Sha'ista |