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Meaning of the Name Sine

The first name Sine is of Gaelic, Scottish, Celtic/Gaelic, Irish origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Gaelic: Feminine Form of Sean
Scottish: God is Gracious; a Gaelic Form of Jane. (Shee-nah)
Celtic/Gaelic: Jane, God is Gracious
Irish: Praise
Scottish: Scottish Gaelic Form of Jane: God is Gracious

Similar Names

San | Sani | Sein | Seneh | Senen | Shaine | Shane | Shino | Sign | Sim |

Related Names

Alfonsine  (German)
Alphonsine  (German)
Feminine Form of Alphonso: from Old German Adalfuns Meaning Noble-ready. Common in Spain
Alphosine  (Teutonic)
Eager for War
Ambrosine  (French)
Feminine Forms of the Greek Ambrose
Amhrosine  (Greek)
Doeg  (Biblical)
Careful, Who Acts With Uneasiness
Doeg  (Biblical)
Careful, Who Acts With Uneasiness
Felix  (Latin)
Happy, Business-like, Cheerful, Stern, Faithful
Jensine  (Hebrew)
God Has Blessed
Jensine  (Danish)
God is Generous
Jensine  (Danish)
God is Gracious
Josiah  (Hebrew)
Yielded to the Lord, Emotional, Daring, Honest, Sometimes a Keen Business Man
Levi  (Hebrew)
Joining, Business-like, Alert, Generous, One of the 12 Tribes of Israel
Marmaduke  (Celtic)
Sea-leader, Business-like, Efficient, Brusque
Nielsine  (Danish)
Feminine of Neils
Rasine  (Polish)
Rosine  (Native American)
Little Rose-from Rozene
Sheena  (Scottish)
God is Gracious; an Anglicized Form of Sine, the Scottish Gaelic Form of Jane, Which is a Feminine Form of John (God is Gracious)
Sheena  (Scottish)
Variant of Sine: Scottish Gaelic Form of Jane: God is Gracious
Shena  (Scottish)
Variant of Sine: Scottish Gaelic Form of Jane: God is Gracious
Sinead  (Irish)
Gaelic Form of Jane: God is Gracious. Famous Bearer: Singer Sinead O'Connor
Sinead  (Hebrew)
Sinead  (English)
Jehovah Has Been Gracious; Has Shown Favour. A Feminine Form of John. Variant of Joan. from the Old French Jehane. Famous Bearer: American Actress Jayne Mansfield (-)
Sinead  (Celtic/Gaelic)
God is Gracious
Sineidin  (Irish)
Tamasine  (Japanese)
Thomasina  (Hebrew)
Twin (Thomasa, Tomasina, Themasine)
Thomasine  (Aramaic)
Feminine Form of Thomas: Twin
Tomasine  (Hebrew)
Ursula  (Latin)
Good Tempered (Ursala, Ursei, Ursine, Ursina)

Additional Names

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