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Names That Mean Lina

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Looking for names that mean Lina? We couldn't find the exact name Lina, but listed below are some first names meaning Lina or names similar to the word Lina.

Similar Names

Laine | Lane | Lanu | Lany | Len | Lena | Lenn | Lenya | Liam | Liana |

Related Names

Adalina  (Teutonic)
Adela  (Hispanic)
Of Noble Lineage (Adelina, Adelinda, Adilia, Adelis, Adelita)
Adelina  (Latin)
Latinized Form of Adeline from the Old German 'Athal' Meaning Noble
Adelina  (Spanish)
Noble or Kind or Winged
Adelina  (Teutonic)
Adelina  (Hispanic)
Noble, Nobility
Adelina  (French)
Of the Nobility. Noble. Variant of Adela
Adelina  (German)
Variant of Adeline: Sweet; of the Nobility. Noble. from the Old German 'Athal' Meaning 'Noble
Aileen  (Irish)
Variant of Eileen: Light. from the Name Eibhlin, Derived from Evelyn or Evelina. Light
Aileen  (English)
Bright One, Shining One; Variations: Eileen, Alina, Aline Pet Name: Ailie, (A-leen)
Akilina  (Latin)
Akilina  (Russian)
Akilina  (Greek)
Alena  (Russian)
Russian Form of Helen: Light. Diminutive of Adelina: of the Nobility. Noble
Alina  (Irish)
Alina  (Greek)
Alina  (Polish)
Alina  (Russian)
Alina  (Gaelic)
Alina  (Russian)
Bright, Beautiful
Alina  (German)
Diminutive of Adeline, from the Old German 'Athal' Meaning Noble
Alina  (Celtic)
Alina  (Dutch)
Alina  (Teutonic)
Alina  (Slavic)
Noble, Kind
Alina  (Latin)
Of the Nobility. Variant of Adelina
Aline  (Latin)
Of the Nobility. Variant of Adelina
Allina  (Latin)
Of the Nobility. Variant of Adelina
Alyna  (Latin)
Of the Nobility. Variant of Adelina
Ancelina  (French)
Angela  (Hispanic)
Messenger from the God (Angeles, Ange, Angele, Angelina, Angelica, Angelita, Angelines)
Angelica  (Greek)
Angelic, Other Forms are Angela, Angelina, Happy, Modest, Inspiring
Angelina  (Italian)
An Italian Diminutive of the Greek Angela Meaning Angel or Messenger
Angelina  (French)
Angelina  (Spanish)
Angelina  (Latin)
Angel; Messenger
Angelina  (English)
Little Angel
Angelina  (Italian)
Little Angel
Angelina  (Greek)
Variant of Angela: Feminine Form of Angel, Meaning Messenger or Angel. in , Italian Saint Angela Merici, Founded the Ursuline Order of Nuns at Brescia
Annalina  (Swedish)
Graceful Light
Apollina  (Greek)
From Apdlo
Apollina  (French)
Gift from Apollo
Apollinaris  (Greek)
From Apdlo
Appolina  (Greek)
Variant of Apollonia: of Apollo. St Apollonia Was a 3rd-century Martyr Who Had Her Own Teeth Knocked Out, Frequently Invoked Against Toothache
Aquilina  (Spanish)
An Eagle; Sharp-eyed
Arlina  (Celtic)
An Oath
Arlina  (English)
Variant of Carlene and Charlene
Ashdod  (Biblical)
Diffusion; Inclination; Theft
Avelina  (English)
Variant of Medieval Given Names Avis and Aveline
Azotus  (Biblical)
Diffusion; Inclination; Theft
225 names found for "Lina"   (page 1 of 5) 

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