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Meaning of the Name Lenn

The first name Lenn is of English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Abbreviation of Leonard

Similar Names

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Related Names

Arlenna  (English)
Variant of Carlene and Charlene
Celenne  (Latin)
Variant of Celia or Selena
Clennan  (Scottish)
Finnian's Servant
Dalenna  (English)
Small Valley. Abbreviation of Madeline
Glen  (Celtic)
Valley (Glenn, Glyn, Glynn)
Glenn  (Gaelic)
Derived from the Gaelic 'Gleana', Meaning Valley. Used Both As a Surname and Given Name. Famous Bearer: Canadian Actor Glenn Ford
Glenn  (Welsh)
Dwells in the Glen
Glenn  (Celtic/Gaelic)
From the Name Glen
Glenn  (Celtic)
From the Valley
Glenn  (Celtic)
Valley (Glen, Glyn, Glynn)
Glenn  (Gaelic)
From the Glen. Valley. Variant of Glenna. Famous Bearer: Actress Glenn Close
Glenna  (Scottish)
Mountain Valley, a Narrow; a Feminine Form of Glenn, a Name Derived from the Gaelic Gleann. (Glen-nah)
Glenna  (Gaelic)
Feminine Form of Glen or Glenn, Derived from the Gaelic 'Gleana', Meaning Valley, or from the Glen
Glenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Femenine Form of Glen
Glenna  (Irish)
Of the Glen
Glenna  (Gaelic)
Valley (Glen, Glenn)
Glenne  (Gaelic)
Valley. from the Glen
Glennis  (English)
From the Valley or Glen
Glennis  (Gaelic)
From the Glen. Valley
Glynn  (Welsh)
Fair; Good. from the Glenn
Lennard  (German)
Lennard  (French)
Lennart  (Swedish)
Swedish Form of Leonard 'Lion'
Lennart  (Teutonic)
Lennell  (English)
Abbreviation of Leonard
Lennie  (English)
Abbreviation of Leonard
Lenno  (Native American)
Lennon  (Irish)
Lennon  (Gaelic)
Little Cloak
Lennox  (Shakespearean)
'The Tragedy of Macbeth' a Nobleman of Scotland
Lennox  (Gaelic)
With Many Elm Trees (Lenx)
Lennox  (Scottish)
Surname and Clan Name. Lennox; a Scottish Nobleman; Appears in Shakespeare's Macbeth
Lennox  (Gaelic)
Lives Near the Place Abounding in Elm Trees
Lenny  (German)
Diminutive of Leonard: Hardy Lion or Lion-bold. St Leonard is the Patron Saint of Prisoners. Famous Bearers: American Composer/Conductor Leonard Bernstein; Italian Renaissance Artist/Scientist Leonard
Lenny  (English)
Abbreviation of Leonard
MacClennan  (Scottish)
Son of Finnian's Servant
Marlenne  (English)
Feminine of Marlon. Also a Variant of Marlene: Woman from Magdala

Additional Names

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