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Meaning of the Name Kenn

The first name Kenn is of Welsh, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Welsh: Clear Water
English: Abbreviation of Names Beginning With 'Ken-'

Similar Names

Kana | Kane | Kanna | Kano | Kean | Keanan | Keane | Keenan | Keene | Keenon |

Related Names

Coinneach  (Scottish)
Handsome, Comely; Derived from an Old Gaelic Nickname Meaning 'Handsome, Comely.' the Name is Anglicized As Canice and Kenneth
Ken  (Scottish)
Diminutive of Kenneth: Handsome. Root of the Surname Mackenzie. Famous Bearer: Kenneth Grahame (- ), Author of the Wind in the Willows
Kendra  (English)
Wise (Kendre, Kenna)
Kenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Kenna  (English)
Born of Fire or 'Comely, Handsome'; a Feminine Form of Kenneth, Which is the Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Cinaed, Cionaed (Born of Fire), and Caioneach, Coinneach (Comely, Handsome). Variations: Keni
Kennalyn  (Contemporary)
Combination of Kenna or Kendra and Lynn
Kennan  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Kennan  (English)
Abbreviation of Names Beginning With 'Ken-'
Kennan  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Form of Keene
Kennard  (Gaelic)
Brave Chieftain
Kennard  (English)
Kennedi  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Helmeted Chief
Kennedy  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Chief With Helmet
Kennedy  (Irish)
Variant of Cinneidid: Helmeted; Helmed Head
Kennedy  (Irish)
Ugly Helmet (Ken, Kennett, Kennith, Kenny, Kesha)
Kennedy  (Scottish)
Ugly Head
Kennedy  (Scottish)
A Surname Derived from the Irish Ceinneidigh, a Compound Name Composed of the Elements Ceann (Head, Chief, Leader) and Eidigh (Ugly).(Ken-neh-dee)
Kennedy  (Gaelic)
Kennelly  (Irish)
Kenner  (Gaelic)
Brave Chieftain
Kenneth  (English)
Royal Obligation; Good-looking; Fair
Kenneth  (English)
Born of Fire; an Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Cinaed and Cionaed and Coinneach and Caioneach (Comely, Handsome). Short Name: Ken. Pet: Kenny. (Ken-neth)
Kenneth  (Celtic)
Comely, Handsome, Brilliant, Serious, Usually a Good Orator. (Ken, Kenny, Kent)
Kenneth  (Celtic)
Kenneth  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Kenneth  (Scottish)
Handsome. Root of the Surname Mackenzie. Famous Bearer: Kenneth Grahame (- ), Author of the Wind in the Willows
Kenney  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Kennice  (English)
Kennita  (American)
Not Available
Kennocha  (Celtic)
Kennon  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Kenny  (Irish)
Kenny  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Kenny  (Scottish)
Diminutive of Kenneth: Handsome
Kinney  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Mackenzie  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Son of Kenneth
Makenna  (African)
Makenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
From Mckenna
Mckenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Son of Ken or Kenna
Shicron  (Biblical)
Drunkenness; His Gift; His Wages
Siobhan  (Irish)
Praise. Famous Bearer: Actress Siobhan Mckenna

Additional Names

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