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Meaning of the Name Kenn

The first name Kenn is of English, Welsh origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Abbreviation of Names Beginning With 'Ken-'
Welsh: Clear Water

Similar Names

Kana | Kane | Kanna | Kano | Kean | Keanan | Keane | Keenan | Keene | Keenon |

Related Names

Coinneach  (Scottish)
Handsome, Comely; Derived from an Old Gaelic Nickname Meaning 'Handsome, Comely.' the Name is Anglicized As Canice and Kenneth
Ken  (Scottish)
Diminutive of Kenneth: Handsome. Root of the Surname Mackenzie. Famous Bearer: Kenneth Grahame (- ), Author of the Wind in the Willows
Kendra  (English)
Wise (Kendre, Kenna)
Kenna  (English)
Born of Fire or 'Comely, Handsome'; a Feminine Form of Kenneth, Which is the Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Cinaed, Cionaed (Born of Fire), and Caioneach, Coinneach (Comely, Handsome). Variations: Keni
Kenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Kennalyn  (Contemporary)
Combination of Kenna or Kendra and Lynn
Kennan  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Kennan  (English)
Abbreviation of Names Beginning With 'Ken-'
Kennan  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Form of Keene
Kennard  (English)
Kennard  (Gaelic)
Brave Chieftain
Kennedi  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Helmeted Chief
Kennedy  (Irish)
Ugly Helmet (Ken, Kennett, Kennith, Kenny, Kesha)
Kennedy  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Chief With Helmet
Kennedy  (Irish)
Variant of Cinneidid: Helmeted; Helmed Head
Kennedy  (Scottish)
Ugly Head
Kennedy  (Gaelic)
Kennedy  (Scottish)
A Surname Derived from the Irish Ceinneidigh, a Compound Name Composed of the Elements Ceann (Head, Chief, Leader) and Eidigh (Ugly).(Ken-neh-dee)
Kennelly  (Irish)
Kenner  (Gaelic)
Brave Chieftain
Kenneth  (Scottish)
Handsome. Root of the Surname Mackenzie. Famous Bearer: Kenneth Grahame (- ), Author of the Wind in the Willows
Kenneth  (English)
Born of Fire; an Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Cinaed and Cionaed and Coinneach and Caioneach (Comely, Handsome). Short Name: Ken. Pet: Kenny. (Ken-neth)
Kenneth  (Celtic)
Comely, Handsome, Brilliant, Serious, Usually a Good Orator. (Ken, Kenny, Kent)
Kenneth  (English)
Royal Obligation; Good-looking; Fair
Kenneth  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Kenneth  (Celtic)
Kenney  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Kennice  (English)
Kennita  (American)
Not Available
Kennocha  (Celtic)
Kennon  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Kenny  (Irish)
Kenny  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Kenny  (Scottish)
Diminutive of Kenneth: Handsome
Kinney  (Scottish)
Abbreviation of Kenneth. Surname
Mackenzie  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Son of Kenneth
Makenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
From Mckenna
Makenna  (African)
Mckenna  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Son of Ken or Kenna
Shicron  (Biblical)
Drunkenness; His Gift; His Wages
Siobhan  (Irish)
Praise. Famous Bearer: Actress Siobhan Mckenna

Additional Names

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