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Meaning of the Name Kane

The first name Kane is of Celtic, Japanese, Gaelic, Celtic/Gaelic, Irish, French, Welsh origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Celtic: Warrior. Intelligent. Popular As a First Name in Australia
Japanese: The Doubly Accompolished (Kaneko)
Gaelic: Tribute
Japanese: Putting Together; Money. Surname
Gaelic: Honor, Tribute
Celtic/Gaelic: Honor, Tribute
Irish: Fighter
French: Field of Combat. from the Place Name 'Caen'. Popular As a First Name in Australia
Welsh: Beautiful. Popular As a First Name in Australia

Similar Names

Kagen | Kaine | Kam | Kame | Kami | Kana | Kanah | Kanaye | Kanna | Kannen |

Related Names

Aleka  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Alekanekelo: Protector
Alekandero  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Alekanekelo: Protector
Alekanekelo  (Hawaiian)
Alika  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Alekanekelo: Protector
Belakane  (Arthurian Legend)
An African Queen
Kaneez  (Muslim)
Variant of Kaniz: Slave Girl. Servant
Kanelinqes  (Arthurian Legend)
Father of Tristan
Kanella  (Greek)
Kanelo  (African)
Kanene  (African)
A Little Thing in the Eye is Big
Nekane  (Basque)
Nekane  (Spanish)
Nekane  (Hispanic)

Additional Names

Ingrid | Joslin | Abba | Abihu | Safiyah | Birly | Conway | Heh | Gokul | Daracha | Saburo | Lexann | Steven | Duriel | Sven |