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Meaning of the Name Melita

The first name Melita is of Biblical, Spanish, Italian, Greek origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: Affording Honey
Spanish: Abbreviation of Carmelita
Biblical: Affording Honey
Italian: Form of Melissa
Greek: Sweet As Honey

Similar Names

Malita | Meleda | Meleta | Melleta |

Related Names

Amelita  (Latin)
Hard Working
Carmela  (Latin)
Bountiful (Carmel, Carmelita, Carmella)
Carmelita  (Spanish)
From the Name Carmel
Carmelita  (Latin)
Fruitful Orchard, As Mount Carmel in Palestine
Carmelita  (Spanish)
Carmelita  (Italian)
Garden. Variant of Carmel
Carmelita  (Hebrew)
Variant of Carmel: Garden or Vinyard. Famous Bearer: the Name of a Mountain in Isreal. The Carmelite Order of Mendicant Friars Was Founded in the Th Century on Mount Carmel
Elita  (Latin)
Chosen One. Also Short Form for Carmelita
Karmelita  (Hebrew)
Lord's Vineyard

Additional Names

Roddrick | Mildred | Katen | Felicity | Cheyanne | Corley | Barr | Zuhayr | Aldon | Faddei | Dema | Fitzadam | Julius | Bennet | Seraphine |