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Meaning of the Name Elita

The first name Elita is of Latin, French, English origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Chosen One. Also Short Form for Carmelita
French: Chosen
Latin: The Chosen One
English: Winged

Similar Names

Elath | Eliada | Elidad | Eliot | Eliott | Eliud | Elta | Elata | Elda | Eleta |

Related Names

Adabela  (Hispanic)
Combination of Ada and Bella: Happiness and Beauty (Adabelle, Adabelita, Bela)
Adela  (Hispanic)
Of Noble Lineage (Adelina, Adelinda, Adilia, Adelis, Adelita)
Adelita  (Spanish)
Kind or Winged; of the Nobility. Noble
Adelita  (German)
Sweet or Noble
Alita  (Spanish)
Noble. Form of Adelita
Amelita  (Latin)
Hard Working
Angela  (Hispanic)
Messenger from the God (Angeles, Ange, Angele, Angelina, Angelica, Angelita, Angelines)
Angelita  (Latin)
Angel; Messenger
Angelita  (Greek)
Anjelita  (Spanish)
Heavenly Messenger
Belita  (Spanish)
Cannelita  (Italian)
Carmela  (Latin)
Bountiful (Carmel, Carmelita, Carmella)
Carmelita  (Latin)
Fruitful Orchard, As Mount Carmel in Palestine
Carmelita  (Hebrew)
Variant of Carmel: Garden or Vinyard. Famous Bearer: the Name of a Mountain in Isreal. The Carmelite Order of Mendicant Friars Was Founded in the Th Century on Mount Carmel
Carmelita  (Spanish)
Carmelita  (Italian)
Garden. Variant of Carmel
Carmelita  (Spanish)
From the Name Carmel
Estelita  (Spanish)
Felita  (Latin)
Happy. Feminine of Felix
Isabelita  (Spanish)
From Isabel Meaning Oath of God
Karmelita  (Hebrew)
Lord's Vineyard
Kelitah  (Biblical)
Voice of the Lord; Gathering Together
Melita  (Greek)
Sweet As Honey
Melita  (Biblical)
Affording Honey
Melita  (Italian)
Form of Melissa
Melita  (Biblical)
Affording Honey
Melita  (Spanish)
Abbreviation of Carmelita
Suelita  (Spanish)
Little Lily
Suelita  (Spanish)
Little Lily

Additional Names

Velvet | Non | Trigg | Hodiah | Duarte | Miloslsv | Lug | Phillis | Cantara | Shapham | Electra | Una | Mytra | Jedidiah | Zizi |