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Meaning of the Name Arissa

The first name Arissa is of Greek origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Best

Similar Names

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Related Names

Amarissa  (Spanish)
Derived from Amaris, Child of the Moon, the Astrological Name for Cancer
Amarissa  (Hebrew)
Given by God
Carissa  (Latin)
Artistic or Giving; Very Dear
Carissa  (Greek)
Carissa  (Greek)
Very Dear
Charissa  (Latin)
Latinized Form of the Greek Charis, Meaning Grace, Loving, Beauty
Charissa  (Greek)
Variant of Charis, Meaning Grace, Loving, Beauty
Clara  (Latin)
Clear (Claire, Clarice, Clarissa, Clairette, Clarinda)
Clarissa  (English)
Bright, Clear, Famous; an Elaboration of Clara. Also Used to Anglicize Gaelic Caitir. Variations: Clarisa. (Klah-rih-sah)
Clarissa  (Latin)
Clarissa  (Italian)
Clarissa  (Spanish)
Clarissa  (Latin)
The Latinized Form of the English Clarice, Meaning Famous. Famous Bearer: Samuel Richardson's Th Century Novel 'Clarissa Harlowe'
Clarissa  (English)
Variant of Clarice: a Variant of the Latin Clara, Meaning Bright or Clear. Also a Variant of Claire or Clarice. Bright; Shining and Gentle; Famous
Clarissant  (Arthurian Legend)
Sister of Gawain
Darissa  (Hebrew)
Wise. Feminine Form from the Male Dara, a Biblical Descendant of Judah Known for His Wisdom
Karissa  (Greek)
Very Dear
Karissa  (Latin)
Very Dear
Klarissa  (Latin)
Lacey  (Native American)
Variation of Larissa (Lacee, Lacie)
Lacy  (French)
From the Name Larissa
Larissa  (Greek)
Larissa  (Russian)
Larissa  (Latin)
Cheerful. Joyful. A Lover of Poseidon
Larissa  (Greek)
Larissa  (Russian)
Variant of Lara: Protection
Marissa  (Latin)
Of the Sea/Born at Sea
Marissa  (Latin)
Of the Sea
Marissa  (Latin)
Of the Sea. Variant of Marie and Mary
Marissa  (Hebrew)
Variant of Mary: Wished-for Child; Rebellion; Bitter
Narissa  (Greek)
Sea Nymph; Daughter of Nereus. in Greek Mythology the Nereids Were Mermaids and Deities of the Seas

Additional Names

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