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Meaning of the Name Melody

The first name Melody is of English, Greek origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Melody (Song)
Greek: Music; Song
Greek: Song (Melodie, Melly)
Greek: Song-like

Similar Names

Meleda | Melodee | Melodi | Melodie |

Related Names

Aria  (Italian)
Arietta  (English)
Ariette  (English)
Arion  (Hebrew)
With Melody
Bhairavi  (Hindu)
A Melody in Classical Music
Bhairavi  (Indian)
a melody in classical music
Carol  (French)
Melody, Song
Carol  (Gaelic)
Song, Melody (Carole, Carolee, Carrie, Carly)
Carrie  (American)
Melody, Song
Kara  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Sweet Melody
Karah  (American)
Sweet Melody
Lorelei  (German)
Melodie  (English)
Variant of Melody: Melody (Song)
Melodie  (French)
Song, Melody
Melodie  (Greek)
Song (Melly, Melody)
Melodie  (French)
Odele  (Greek)
Odele  (Greek)
Wealthy, Melody
Odell  (Greek)
Melody (Dell)
Odetta  (Greek)
Melody (Odette, Odele, Odelet, Odell)
Poorvi  (Hindu)
A Classical Melody
Poorvi  (Indian)
A classical melody
Tarannum  (Hindu)
Zemila  (Hebrew)
Joyous Melody
Zemirah  (Hebrew)
Joyous Melody

Additional Names

Rohan | Nina | Arista | Biton | Jochebed | Subhaga | Min | Christeena | Paxton | Luvina | Aghaderg | Pollux | Lycaon | Athemar | Faustina |