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Meaning of the Name Arion

The first name Arion is of Hebrew, Latin, Greek origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: With Melody
Latin: Name of a Greek Poet
Hebrew: Melodious
Greek: .A Greek Poet and Musician. The Mythological Magic Talking Horse Born to Poseidon and Demeter

Similar Names

Aaron | Aeriona | Aran | Arawn | Aren | Arian | Arien | ArIyn | Arman | Armen |

Related Names

Arian  (Welsh)
Silver. Derived from Greek Arion, Mythological Magic Horse Born to Poseidon and Demeter
Clarion  (Arthurian Legend)
Name of a King
Darion  (Greek)
Gift. Also a Variant of Darin. Poet John Keats Described the Moment of Discovery When Explorers Stood 'silent Upon a Peak in Darien.'
Garion  (French)
Guards; Guardian
Garion  (German)
Guards; Guardian
Hilarion  (Latin)
Ilarion  (Latin)
Marion  (Latin)
Marion  (Scottish)
Diminutive Form of Marie, Which Has Been Derived from Mary. (Mare-ee-on)
Marion  (French)
From Mary(Nnarian, Maryon, Maryenn)
Marion  (Hebrew)
Variant of Mary: Wished-for Child; Rebellion; Bitter
Marion  (Hebrew)
From the Name Mary and Anna
Mary  (Hebrew)
Sympathetic (Mari, Marie, Maria, Marian, Marion, Mariann, Marilee, Marilyn, Marietta, Marlene, Marlena, Marline, Maureen, Maura, Nnoira, May, Mimi, Molly, Mollie)
Muireal  (Scottish)
Bright Seas, Fair One of the Sea; Anglicization: Marion. (Myoor-ee-ahl)

Additional Names

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