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Meaning of the Name Armen

The first name Armen is of Hebrew, Armenian origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: High Place
Armenian: Armenian

Similar Names

Aaren | Ahren | Aran | Arawn | Aren | Arian | Arien | Arion | ArIyn | Arman |

Related Names

Anahid  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Diana the Moon Goddess
Armenia  (Latin)
From Armenia
Armenouhie  (Armenian)
Woman from Armenia
Boghos  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Paul
Carmen  (Hebrew)
The Vineyard
Carmen  (Latin)
Carmen  (Latin)
Prophetess, Passionate, Self Willed, Intuitive
Carmen  (Hebrew)
Carmen  (Spanish)
Garden. The Spanish Form of the Hebrew Carmel. Famous Bearer: Bizet's Opera 'Carmen', First Performed In
Carmencita  (Spanish)
Carmentis  (Latin)
Dharmendra  (Indian)
king of religion
Dharmendra  (Hindu)
Righteous,Virtuous Man
Duscha  (Russian)
Soul, Term of Endearment
Elmodam  (Biblical)
The God of Measure; or of the Garment
Garin  (Armenian)
Name of an Old Armenian City
Ghoukas  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Luke
Gilda  (English)
Golden. Also an Abbreviation of Teutonic Names Containing -gilde, Such As the Old English Name Earmengild
Hagop  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of James
Harmen  (French)
Variant of Herman
Hovsep  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Joseph
Karmen  (Spanish)
Variant of Carmel - 'Fruitful Orchard' As Mount Carmel in Palestine
Karmina  (English)
Variant of Carmen. Fruitful Orchard, As Mount Carmel in Palestine
Koma  (Japanese)
Filly, Term of Endearment (Komako)
Krikor  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Gregory
Madai  (Biblical)
A Measure, Judging, a Garment
Madmannah  (Biblical)
Measure of a Gift, Preparation of a Garment
Madmannah  (Biblical)
Measure of a Gift, Preparation of a Garment
Madon  (Biblical)
A Chiding; a Garment; His Measure
Mandel  (French)
Makes Garments
Mantel  (French)
Makes Garments
Margaid  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Margaret Meaning Pearl
Nairi  (Armenian)
From Armenia
Parmenas  (Biblical)
That Abides, or is Permanent
Sahak  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Isaac
Shalmai  (Biblical)
My Garment
Shalmai  (Biblical)
My Garment
Shephi  (Biblical)
Beholder, Honeycomb, Garment
Shousnan  (Armenian)
Armenian Form of Susan Meaning Lily. White Lilies Grew in the Biblical City of Susa in Persia

Additional Names

Luthando | Aminadab | Clarissa | Inga | Fechin | Stheno | Onatah | Gezana | Castle | Eloisa | Mitesh | Lilika | Hashubah | Nisan | Rakel |