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Meaning of the Name Larissa

The first name Larissa is of Greek, Russian, Latin origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Cheerful
Russian: Cheerful
Latin: Cheerful. Joyful. A Lover of Poseidon
Greek: Citadel
Russian: Variant of Lara: Protection

Similar Names

Lares | Lars | Lyrica | Larisa | Larisse | Laryssa | Laurissa | Loris | Lyris |

Related Names

Clara  (Latin)
Clear (Claire, Clarice, Clarissa, Clairette, Clarinda)
Clarissa  (English)
Bright, Clear, Famous; an Elaboration of Clara. Also Used to Anglicize Gaelic Caitir. Variations: Clarisa. (Klah-rih-sah)
Clarissa  (Latin)
Clarissa  (Italian)
Clarissa  (Spanish)
Clarissa  (Latin)
The Latinized Form of the English Clarice, Meaning Famous. Famous Bearer: Samuel Richardson's Th Century Novel 'Clarissa Harlowe'
Clarissa  (English)
Variant of Clarice: a Variant of the Latin Clara, Meaning Bright or Clear. Also a Variant of Claire or Clarice. Bright; Shining and Gentle; Famous
Clarissant  (Arthurian Legend)
Sister of Gawain
Klarissa  (Latin)
Lacey  (Native American)
Variation of Larissa (Lacee, Lacie)
Lacy  (French)
From the Name Larissa

Additional Names

Sidra | Corella | Ivie | Kamikla | Heathleah | Rufin | Rosario | Katelin | Bronwen | Kevyn | Basilios | Clare | Alera | Elisheva | Harb |