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Meaning of the Name Yone

The first name Yone is of Japanese origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Japanese: Wealth

Similar Names

Yonah | Yan | Yana | Yin | Yoana | Yona | Yun |

Related Names

Alcyone  (Greek)
Daughter of Aeolus
Alcyoneus  (Greek)
Kingfisher. Alcyoneus Fought Against Athena in Greek Mythology
Alcyoneus  (Greek)
Fought Against Athene
Amy  (Latin)
Beloved, Good-natured, Brave, Gracious, Loved by Everyone
Ceyx  (Greek)
Husband of Alcyone
Ejaice  (English)
Our Contributor Says: it is My Best Friend's Initials Ejc. You Can Incorporate Anyone's Initials in If You Would Like
Essien  (African)
A Child Belongs to Everyone
Halcyone  (Greek)
Daughter of Aeolus
Jumoke  (African)
Loved by Everyone
Leonard  (German)
Bold Lion (Lee, Leon, Leonid, Lionel, Lyon, Lyonel)
Lyonechka  (Russian)
Lyonechka  (Latin)
Lyonene  (Latin)
Lyones  (Arthurian Legend)
Wife of Gareth
Lyonesse  (Celtic)
Little Lion
Lyonesse  (Arthurian Legend)
Wife of Gareth
Lyonet  (Arthurian Legend)
Sister of Lyones
Lyonette  (French)
Little Lion
Martina  (Latin)
Who Loves Everyone, Warlike
Passion  (English)
Having Love from Everyone,Love, Loved,Passions, Lust, Greatness
Saveage  (Arthurian Legend)
Sister of Lyones
Takoda  (Native American)
Friend to Everyone (Sioux)
Takoda  (Native American)
Friend to Everyone

Additional Names

Lily | Beore | Domokas | Zagiri | Montego | Corwin | Gwitart | Azura | Mabli | Adah | Abu | Houdenc | Rowena | Duval | Aliyah |