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Meaning of the Name Alda

The first name Alda is of Spanish, Italian, Teutonic, German, Hispanic origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Spanish: Wise. Elder. Variant of Aldo
Italian: Wise. Elder. Variant of Aldo
Teutonic: Wealthy
Italian: Long Lived
German: Feminine Form of Aldo: Originally an Old German Name Meaning Old. Popular in Italy and Among North American Families of Italian Descent. Aldo Was a Saint
Hispanic: Beauty

Similar Names

Ald | Aldo | Aled | Alaida | Aldea | Aleda | Aleta | Alida | Alita | Alodia |

Related Names

Ailean  (English)
Variant of Alan: Fair; Handsome. Famous Bearer: U.S. Actor Alan Alda
Ailin  (English)
Variant of Alan: Fair; Handsome. Famous Bearer: U.S. Actor Alan Alda
Alan  (English)
Fair; Handsome. Famous Bearer: U.S. Actor Alan Alda
Aldan  (English)
Of Old Age
Aldan  (English)
From the Old Manor
Aldana  (Hispanic)
The Prettiest. Combination of Alda and Ana
Alwalda  (Anglo Saxon)
All Ruler
Amalda  (German)
Eagle or Strong
Anwealda  (Anglo Saxon)
Avaldamon  (Norse)
Name of a King
Baldasarre  (Italian)
Brave One
Baldassare  (Italian)
Italian Form of Bathalsar
Baldassario  (Italian)
Italian Form of Bathalsar
Baldwin  (English)
From the Old English Bealdwine, or the Old German Equivalent Baldavin, Meaning Bold Friend. Frequently Used in Medieval Britain, and Was the Basis of a Number of Surnames
Donalda  (Gaelic)
Rules All
Donalda  (Scottish)
World Ruler; a Feminine Form of Donald, Which is an Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Domhnall (World Ruler). Variations: Donella, Dolanna, Dolena, Dolina. Short: Donna, Ina, Lena, Lina. (Don-al-dah)
Donalda  (English)
Feminine Form of Donald: from the Gaelic Domhnall, Meaning World Mighty. Famous Bearer: Walt Disney's Cartoon Character Donald Duck
Donalda  (Scandinavian)
Feminine Form of Donald: Dark One
Esma  (Spanish)
Form of Esmeralda
Esmeralda  (Greek)
Esmeralda  (Latin)
Esmeralda  (Greek)
Emerald, Slow, Silent, Wistful
Esmeralda  (Spanish)
The Emerald Gemstone. Famous Bearer: the Heroine of Victor Hugo's Novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'
Ezmeralda  (Spanish)
The Prized Green Emerald Gemstone
Griswalda  (German)
From the Gray Forest
Haldan  (Teutonic)
Half Dane
Haldana  (Norse)
Half Dane
Haldane  (English)
From Denmark
Haralda  (Norse)
Army Ruler
Meralda  (Latin)
Emerald. Abbreviation of Esmeralda
Nalda  (Spanish)
Ronalda  (Scottish)
Feminine Form of Ronald: Mighty Counselor/Ruler
Ronalda  (Teutonic)
Ronalda  (Scottish)
Ruler of Decision or 'Judgment Power'; a Feminine Form of Ronald. (Rah-nahl-dah)
Ronalda  (Norse)
Senalda  (Hispanic)
A Sign, Symbol
Senalda  (Spanish)
A Sign, Symbol
Senalda  (Spanish)
Ualda  (Teutonic)
Valda  (German)
Power; Rule
Valda  (Norse)
Valda  (Teutonic)
Spirited in War
Velda  (German)
Variant of Valda: Power; Rule
Walda  (German)

Additional Names

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