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Meaning of the Name Alida

The first name Alida is of German, English, Dutch, Latin origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Archaic
English: Beautifully Dressed (Aleda, Alidia, Alyda, Leda, Lida). Origin: Greek
Dutch: Noble
Latin: Small, Winged
English: Variant of Alice: of the Nobility. from the German Adalheidis Meaning Nobility, and the French Adeliz Which is a Form of Adelaide
Latin: Winged; With Wings

Similar Names

Ald | Aldo | Aled | Ailidh | Alaida | Alda | Aldea | Aleda | Aleta | Alita |

Related Names

Calida  (Hispanic)
Adoring, Compassionate
Calida  (Spanish)
Calida  (Latin)
Calida  (Greek)
Most Beautiful
Calida  (Greek)
Most Beautiful. Diminutive of Calista, Mythological Arcadian Who Transformed into a She-bear, Then into the Great Bear Constellation
Calida  (Spanish)
Kalidas  (Indian)
the poet, dramatist; slave of godess Kali
Kalidas  (Hindu)
Servant of Kali
Kalidasa  (French)
Beautiful Swan
Khaalida  (Muslim)
Variant of Khalida: Immortal. Deathless
Khalida  (Muslim)
Immortal. Deathless
Khalidah  (Arabic)
Khalidah  (Muslim)
Walidah  (Muslim)
Walidah  (Egyptian)
Newly Born

Additional Names

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