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Meaning of the Name Charity

The first name Charity is of English, French, Latin, Greek origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Benevolent Goodwill and Love
English: Charity, Kindness
French: From the Old French 'Charite' Meaning Christian Love, Based on the Latin 'Cantos' Charity is Held Up in the New Testament (I Corinthians ) As the Greatest of the Three Christian Virtues, With Faith an
Latin: Giving. Benevolent Goodwill and Love
Greek: Love, Calm, Forgiving, Frank, Melancholy at Times

Similar Names

Charito | Cherith | Cuarto | Currito | Carita | Chardae | Cherita |

Related Names

Charito  (Hispanic)
Hispanic Version of Charity
Cherry  (English)
Sometimes Used As a Name Derived from the Fruit. Origlnally a Diminutive of Charity. Famous Bearers: Cherry Was One of Mr Pecksniff's Daughters in Charles Dickens' Novel 'Martin Chuzzlewit'
Hope  (English)
One of the Three Christian Virtues (Faith, Hope and Charity)
Ihasn  (Islamic)
Ihsaan  (Muslim)
Variant of Ihsan: Benevolence. Beneficence. Charity
Ihsan  (Muslim)
Benevolence. Beneficence. Charity
Khairaat  (Muslim)
Variant of Khairat: Benevolence. Charity
Khairat  (Muslim)
Benevolence. Charity
Sheryl  (English)

Additional Names

Chloe | Mohin | Chval | Leyati | Yuma | Vidal | Midas | Haran | Carcas | MacNab | Tass | Ludwik | Ric | Geshur | Pellanor |