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Names That Mean Light

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Looking for names that mean Light? We couldn't find the exact name Light, but listed below are some first names meaning Light or names similar to the word Light.

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Related Names

Aalok  (Hindu)
Light of God
Aaron  (Hebrew)
Enlightened, to Sing
Abednego  (Biblical)
Servant of Light; Shining
Abner  (Hebrew)
Father is Light, or Father of Light. The Old Testament Abner Was Saul's Cousin and Army Commander, a Clever Strategist. Abner Became Fashionable After the Reformation. 'Li'L Abner', Was the Hero of a
Abner  (Biblical)
Father of Light
Abner  (Hebrew)
Father of Light
Adaluz  (Hispanic)
Combination of Ada - Happy and Luz - Light
Adna  (Biblical)
Pleasure; Delight
Adoni-bezek  (Biblical)
The Lightning of the Lord; the Lord of Lightning
Afroze  (Muslim)
Illuminating. Enlightening
Aila  (Anglo Irish)
Light Bearer
Aileen  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Form of Helen, Light
Aileen  (Greek)
Light, a Daughter of the Light
Aileen  (Irish)
Variant of Eileen: Light. from the Name Eibhlin, Derived from Evelyn or Evelina. Light
Ailey  (Irish)
Aili  (Irish)
Ailia  (Irish)
Akiko  (Japanese)
Iris; Light and Bright
Alaula  (Hawaiian)
Light of Dawn
Albana  (Hispanic)
From the Light (Alba, Albanita)
Alena  (Russian)
Russian Form of Helen: Light. Diminutive of Adelina: of the Nobility. Noble
Alena  (Russian)
Light; Form of Helen
Alena  (Slavic)
Alena  (Greek)
Alina  (Greek)
Allayna  (American)
Alok  (Hindu)
Alona  (Spanish)
Alva  (Hebrew)
Brightness, Exalted, Exalted One. The Form Alvah is Used in the Old Testament. Famous Bearer: Prolific American Inventor Thomas Alva Edison Developed the Electric Light Bulb
Alvin  (German)
Light Skinned
Amora  (Norse)
Light Eagle
Amshu  (Hindu)
A Ray of Light, Sunny
Annalina  (Swedish)
Graceful Light
Annelise  (Danish)
Graceful Light
Annot  (Hebrew)
Anora  (English)
Anwaar  (Muslim)
Multiple Lights. Luster
Anwar  (Muslim)
Rays of Light
Anwar  (Arabic)
Beams of Light; Shafts of Light
Apollo  (Greek)
God of Truth and Light
Apollonia  (Latin)
Belonging to Apollo. Mythology; Apollo Was the Greek God of Sun; Light; Music; and Poetry
Archisha  (Indian)
a ray of light
Archisha  (Hindu)
A Ray of Light
Areli  (Biblical)
The Light or Vision of God
Argi  (Basque)
Ariel  (Biblical)
Altar, Light or Lion of God
Ariel  (Biblical)
Altar, Light or Lion of God
Arin  (Hebrew)
Arnon  (Biblical)
Rejoicing, Sunlight
Arnon  (Biblical)
Rejoicing, Sunlight
750 names found for "Light"   (page 1 of 15) 

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