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Meaning of the Name Roly

The first name Roly is of German origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Diminutive of Roland: Famed Land; Renowned in the Land. Roland Was a Legendary Hero Who Served Charlemagne

Similar Names

Raley | Rally | Riley | Roel | Rollo | Rolly | Rowley | Rule | Ryley |

Related Names

Carlynn  (English)
From Carolyn; 'Little and Womanly'
Carolyn  (German)
From the Name Carol and Linda
Carolyn  (English)
Joy. Song of Happiness. Also Feminine Variant of Charles: Manly
Carolyn  (Italian)
Variant of Caroline: Strong. an Italian Feminine Form of Charles. Famous Bearer: Th Century Caroline of Ansbach Was the German Wife of English King George Ii. Lady Caroline Lamb Had a Famous Liaison W
Carolyne  (English)
Feminine Variant of Charles: Manly
Carolynn  (English)
Feminine Variant of Charles: Manly
Darolyn  (English)
Variant of Daryl: Dearly Loved
Jerrolyn  (English)
The Contributor Says: it Doesn't Really Have a Meaning... it Was a Combination of My Name Jennifer and Her Father's Name Errol
Karoly  (French)
Strong and Masculine
Karoly  (French)
Joyful Song

Additional Names

Sechu | Howe | Paramjeet | Kasib | Gopathi | Orlene | Demetra | Jeronimo | Nada | Aman | Will | Andre | Maille | Brennen | Mariah |