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Meaning of the Name Bessie

The first name Bessie is of English, Hebrew, Greek origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Beth, Betsy, Bettina, Betty
Hebrew: Consecrated to God
Hebrew: Diminutive of Elisabeth: from Elisheba, Meaning Either Oath of God, or God is Satisfaction
English: Diminutive of Elizabeth, Meaning My God is Bountiful, or God of Plenty, Used Since the Th Century. Sometimes Used As an Independent Name
Greek: Diminutive of Elizabeth: from the Hebrew Elisheba, Meaning Either Oath of God, or God is Satisfaction. Famous Bearer: Old Testament Elizabeth Was Mother of John the Baptist and One of the Earliest Kno

Similar Names

Besai | Bess | Bessy |

Related Names

Elizabeth  (English)
God is My Oath; Short Forms: Beth, Elisa, Eliza, Lisa, Lisabeth, Lisbet, Liz, Liza, Lizabet. Pet Names: Bess, Bessie Bessy, Elsie, Libbie, Liby, Lizzy. (Ee-liz-ah-beth)
Elizabeth  (Hebrew)
God's Solemn Oath, Resolute, Affectionate, Intelligent. (Bess, Bessie, Beth, Bette, Betsy, Bettina, Betty, Bitsy, Elisabeth, Nisabette, Eliza, Elsa, Else, Elspeth, Elite, Libbie, Libby, Lisbeth, Lit,

Additional Names

Leena | Uiseann | Alvera | Nazaakat | Kazim | Isabel | Thorsten | Vibishana | Blaed | Musadora | Adinah | Jori | Thurston | Idelisa | Wendy |