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Meaning of the Name Rally

The first name Rally is of English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: From the Roe Deer Meadow

Similar Names

Raley | Raul | Raulo | Rawley | Reilly | Riley | Rollo | Rolly | Roly | Ryley |

Related Names

Adlai  (Hebrew)
Justice of God; My Ornament. an Old Testament Name, Now Generally Associated With American Statesman Adlai Stevenson
Adoff  (German)
German Form of Adalwolf Meaning Noble Wolf, Generally Associated With the German Dictator Adolf Hitler
Aengus  (Scottish)
Unnaturally Strong
Alfred  (Teutonic)
Supernaturally Wise
Angus  (Scottish)
Unnaturally Strong; Singular; Only Choice. Scots Celtic God Angus Og Helped His People With His Wisdom and Intelligence. The Aberdeen Angus is a Scottish Breed of Black Cattle
Antoinette  (French)
Beyond Praise. French Feminine Form of Anthony Generally Associated With French Queen Marie Antoinette, Wife of King Louis Xvi, Guillotined During the French Revolution
Aonghus  (Scottish)
Unnaturally Strong
Crosland  (English)
Literally 'Cross Land'
Crossland  (English)
Variant of Crosland: Literally 'Cross Land'
Jehonadab  (Biblical)
Who Gives Liberally. Free Giver, Liberality
Jonadab  (Biblical)
Who Gives Liberally. Free Giver, Liberality

Additional Names

Lojza | Boaz | Mirari | Wynston | Talasi | Conchobarre | Wiatt | Deianira | Terriss | Gzifa | Trygve | Angeli | Dhavlesh | Hiatt | Zina |