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Meaning of the Name Gavi

The first name Gavi is of Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: God is My Strength

Similar Names

Gabe | Gabi | Gav | Gaby | Gavivi | Geva |

Related Names

Gabhan  (Gaelic)
Gaelic Form of Gavin
Gavin  (Arthurian Legend)
Variant of Gawain: Gawain Was a Nephew of King Arthur, and One of the Knights of the Round Table, Described in the Poem 'sir Gawain and the Green Knight'
Gavin  (Scottish)
White Hawk (Gavan, Gawain, Gawen)
Gavin  (Scottish)
Of Uncertain Origin and Meaning, Some Believe Gavin to Be from the Obsolete Gwalchmai, a Gaelic Name Derived from the Elements Gwalch (A Hawk) and Maedd (A Blow, Battle). (Gav-in)
Gavin  (Welsh)
Little Hawk
Gavin  (Welsh)
Hawk of the Battle: White Hawk. from the Medieval Name Gawain. See Also Gwayne
Gavin  (Celtic)
Hawk of Battle, Courageous, Witty, No Deep Worrying, Light-hearted Concerning Love
Gavin  (Teutonic)
Battle Hawk
Gavin  (Scottish)
A Scottish Derivative of the Old German Name Gawin, Meaning 'District of Land'. Also a Variant of the Scottish Name Gawain, Meaning Little Hawk or White Hawk
Gavina  (Latin)
From Gabio. Variant of Gabinus Which is a Saint's Name
Gavina  (Scottish)
White Hawk
Gavino  (Italian)
White Hawk
Gaviranga  (Hindu)
Lord Ranganath
Gavivi  (African)
Money is Sweet
Gavivi  (African)
Money is Sweet
Longaville  (Shakespearean)
'Love's Labours Lost' Lord Attending on King Ferdinand

Additional Names

Gannon | Briareus | Simone | Ajax | Conaire | Cermak | Hothir | Delight | Robby | Nachon | Abhinandan | Garuda | Lavena | Hasina | Iiian |