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Meaning of the Name Gavin

The first name Gavin is of Scottish, Teutonic, Celtic, Welsh, Arthurian Legend origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scottish: A Scottish Derivative of the Old German Name Gawin, Meaning 'District of Land'. Also a Variant of the Scottish Name Gawain, Meaning Little Hawk or White Hawk
Teutonic: Battle Hawk
Celtic: Hawk of Battle, Courageous, Witty, No Deep Worrying, Light-hearted Concerning Love
Welsh: Hawk of the Battle: White Hawk. from the Medieval Name Gawain. See Also Gwayne
Welsh: Little Hawk
Scottish: Of Uncertain Origin and Meaning, Some Believe Gavin to Be from the Obsolete Gwalchmai, a Gaelic Name Derived from the Elements Gwalch (A Hawk) and Maedd (A Blow, Battle). (Gav-in)
Arthurian Legend: Variant of Gawain: Gawain Was a Nephew of King Arthur, and One of the Knights of the Round Table, Described in the Poem 'sir Gawain and the Green Knight'
Scottish: White Hawk (Gavan, Gawain, Gawen)

Similar Names

Gabino | Gauvain | Gavan | Gaven | Gavino | Gavyn | Govan | Gavina |

Related Names

Gabhan  (Gaelic)
Gaelic Form of Gavin
Gavina  (Latin)
From Gabio. Variant of Gabinus Which is a Saint's Name
Gavina  (Scottish)
White Hawk
Gavino  (Italian)
White Hawk

Additional Names

Aiath | Ekta | Beathag | Izabella | Prasata | Beaudean | Malloren | Lila | Esra | Charanjit | Salim | Simonides | Dion | Bernadette | Shelagh |