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Meaning of the Name Rivers

The first name Rivers is of Shakespearean origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Shakespearean: 'King Henry the Sixth, Part Iii' Lord Rivers, Brother to Lady Grey. 'King Richard Iii' Earl Rivers, Brother to King Edward's Queen

Related Names

Deganawidah  (Native American)
Variant of Dekanawida: Iroquois Name Meaning Two Rivers Running
Dekanawida  (Native American)
Iroquois Name Meaning Two Rivers Running
Eaton  (English)
From the Riverside Village
Eatun  (English)
From the Riverside Village
Mesopotamia  (Biblical)
Between Two Rivers
Mesopotamia  (Biblical)
Between Two Rivers
Oceana  (Greek)
Form of Oceanus. in Greek Mythology Oceanus Was a Titan Father of Rivers and Water Nymphs
Raea  (Western)
Rivers. Ray-a (Rhea, Raya). Origin: Greek
Rhea  (Greek)
Taura  (Japanese)
Many Lakes;Many Rivers
Triveni  (Hindu)
Three Sacred Rivers

Additional Names

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