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Meaning of the Name Erik

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The first name Erik is of Scandinavian, Norse, Danish, Swedish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scandinavian: Ever Powerful (Eric, Erek, Erich, Rik)
Scandinavian: Honorable Ruler
Norse: Variant of Eric: Ruler of the People
Danish: Powerful
Scandinavian: Ever Kingly. in Scandinavian Legend the Viking Sea Rover Ericson: (Son of Eric the Red) Landed on the Shores of America Years Before Christopher Columbus
Swedish: Forever Strong
Danish: Ever Powerful

Similar Names

Eirik | Erc | Erek | Eric | Erich | Erick | Erico | Eriq | Eros | Eryk |

Related Names

Alberik  (Swedish)
Blond Ruler
Broderik  (English)
From the Broad Ridge
Catterik  (Arthurian Legend)
Name of a Battle
Cynerik  (English)
Derik  (German)
Gifted Ruler. from Theodoric
Derik  (English)
Gifted Ruler. from Theodoric
Diderik  (Scandinavian)
Variant of Diederik: Ruler (Of the People)
Didrik  (Scandinavian)
Variant of Diederik: Ruler (Of the People)
Diederik  (Scandinavian)
Ruler (Of the People)
Dierk  (Scandinavian)
Variant of Diederik: Ruler (Of the People)
Erica  (Scandinavian)
Feminine Form of Eric (Erika)
Erika  (Scandinavian)
Ever Kingly. Feminine of Eric
Erika  (Norse)
Feminine Form of Eric: Ever or Eternal Ruler. Island Ruler. Famous Bearer: Norwegian Explorer Eric the Red
Erika  (Swedish)
Feminine Form of Erik: Rules Forever
Erika  (Scandinavian)
From the Name Erica
Erika  (Teutonic)
Erika  (Hungarian)
Erikka  (Scandinavian)
Ever Kingly. Feminine of Eric
Eriko  (Japanese)
Child With a Collar. The Suffix -ko Means Child
Erikson  (Scandinavian)
Son of Eric 'Ever Kingly.'
Federikke  (Danish)
Feminine Form of Frederik
Ferika  (Teutonic)
Ferike  (Teutonic)
Ferike  (Hungarian)
Hungarian Form of Francisca, Meaning Free
Frederik  (German)
Variant of Frederick: Merciful Leader
Frederik  (Danish)
Peaceful Ruler
Frederik  (Scandinavian)
Peaceful Ruler
Frederika  (Swedish)
Feminine Form of Frederik:Peaceful Ruler
Frederika  (German)
Feminine Form of Frederic: from the Old German Name Frithuric, Meaning Peaceful Ruler
Friederika  (Teutonic)
Tranquil Leader
Friederike  (Teutonic)
Tranquil Leader
Gerik  (Polish)
Swords and Riches
Gerik  (Polish)
Wealthy Spearman
Gerika  (English)
Blend of Geri Plus Erica
Henerik  (Teutonic)
Rules an Estate
Leif  (Scandinavian)
Son; Descendant. According to Norse Legend Viking Leif Eriksson Landed His Longboat on North American Shores Some Years Before Columbus Arrived in the Caribean
Roderik  (German)
Famous Ruler
Roderik  (English)
Famous Ruler
Roderika  (German)
Famous Ruler
Terika  (English)
Abbreviation of Teresa, Meaning Harvester
Terika  (English)
Abbreviation of Teresa Which is a Popular Saint's Name of Uncertain Meaning
Valerii  (Russian)
Strong,Brave (Valera,Valerik)
Valerik  (Latin)
54 names found for "Erik"   (page 1 of 2) 

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