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Meaning of the Name Erich

The first name Erich is of German, Norse origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: German Form of Eric
Norse: Variant of Eric: Ruler of the People. Famous Bearer: Popular Blues Guitarist/Singer Eric Clapton

Similar Names

Erc | Eric | Erick | Erico | Erik | Eriq | Eiric | Eirica | Erica | Ericka |

Related Names

Alberich  (Norse)
A Mythical Dwarf
Aubrey  (French)
Blond Ruler, Elf Ruler. from the Old French Auberi, a Form of the Old German Alberich Meaning Elf Ruler
Dardanus  (Latin)
Father of Erichthonius
Diederich  (German)
People's Ruler
Emery  (German)
Brave; Powerful. from the Old German Name Emmerich, Derived from 'Amal', Meaning Labour and 'Ne', Meaning Ruler. Variant of Amory. Commonly Used As a Surname
Erichthonius  (Greek)
King of Athens
Erichthonius  (Latin)
Founder of Troy
Erik  (Scandinavian)
Ever Powerful (Eric, Erek, Erich, Rik)
Frederich  (German)
Variant of Frederick: Merciful Leader
Jericho  (Arabic)
City of the Moon. in the Bible Jericho Was a Canaan City Destroyed When Its Walls Fell Down
Jericho  (Biblical)
'His Moon, His Month, His Sweet Smell'
Jericho  (Arabic)
Moon City
Jericho  (Hebrew)
Sweet Fragrance
Jerico  (Spanish)
City of the Moon. Variant of Hebrew Jericho
Jerrick  (Hebrew)
From Jericho

Additional Names

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