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Meaning of the Name Leif

The first name Leif is of Scandinavian, Swedish, Norse origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scandinavian: Beloved (Lief)
Scandinavian: Beloved Descendent
Swedish: Dearly Loved
Norse: Descendant
Scandinavian: Son; Descendant. According to Norse Legend Viking Leif Eriksson Landed His Longboat on North American Shores Some Years Before Columbus Arrived in the Caribean

Similar Names

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Related Names

Aegileif  (Norse)
Daughter of Hrolf Helgason
Anrid  (Norse)
Wife of Ketil Fjorleifarson
Armod  (Norse)
Blood Brother of Geirleif
Bodmod  (Norse)
Son of Oleif
Bodvar  (Norse)
Son of Thorleif
Fridleif  (Norse)
Father of Ari
Geirleif  (Norse)
Spear Descendant
Gest  (Norse)
Son of Oddleif
Hrolleif  (Norse)
Old Wolf
Isleif  (Norse)
Brother of Isrod
Isrod  (Norse)
Brother of Isleif
Oddleif  (Norse)
Point Descendant
Oleif  (Norse)
Relic Descendant
Ozur  (Norse)
Son of Thorleif
Thorleif  (Norse)
Thor's Descendant

Additional Names

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