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Meaning of the Name Curt

The first name Curt is of English, French, Latin, German origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: A Diminutive of Curtis, Meaning Courteous, or an Alternative Spelling of Kurt or Cort
French: Diminutive of Curtis: from a Surname Derived from the Old French 'Curteis' Meaning Courteous. Also, from the Court
Latin: From the Name Curtis
Latin: Short
German: Variant of Conrad

Similar Names

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Related Names

Cortez  (Spanish)
Courteous. Variant of Curtis. The Spanish Explorer and Adventurer Cortez Conquered the Aztec Civilization of Mexico With Only a Small Expeditionary Force
Curtice  (French)
Curtis  (French)
From a Surname Derived from the Old French 'Curteis' Meaning Courteous
Curtis  (Shakespearean)
'The Taming of the Shrew' a Servant to Petruchio
Curtis  (English)
Polite; Courteous
Curtis  (Latin)
Curtiss  (English)
Courteous. See Also Curt
Curtiss  (French)
Courteous. See Also Curt
Kurt  (English)
Diminutive of Curtis: Polite; Courteous
Kurt  (German)
From the Name Curtis or Conrad
Kurt  (Teutonic)
Short for Conrad (Curt)
Kurtis  (English)
Variant of Curtis: Polite; Courteous. Also, Variant Abreviation of Sydney

Additional Names

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