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Meaning of the Name Curtis

The first name Curtis is of Latin, French, English, Shakespearean origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Courteous
French: From a Surname Derived from the Old French 'Curteis' Meaning Courteous
English: Polite; Courteous
Shakespearean: 'The Taming of the Shrew' a Servant to Petruchio

Similar Names

Curtice | Curtiss |

Related Names

Cortez  (Spanish)
Courteous. Variant of Curtis. The Spanish Explorer and Adventurer Cortez Conquered the Aztec Civilization of Mexico With Only a Small Expeditionary Force
Curt  (English)
A Diminutive of Curtis, Meaning Courteous, or an Alternative Spelling of Kurt or Cort
Curt  (French)
Diminutive of Curtis: from a Surname Derived from the Old French 'Curteis' Meaning Courteous. Also, from the Court
Curt  (Latin)
From the Name Curtis
Curtiss  (English)
Courteous. See Also Curt
Curtiss  (French)
Courteous. See Also Curt
Kurt  (English)
Diminutive of Curtis: Polite; Courteous
Kurt  (German)
From the Name Curtis or Conrad
Kurtis  (English)
Variant of Curtis: Polite; Courteous. Also, Variant Abreviation of Sydney

Additional Names

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