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Meaning of the Name Brun

The first name Brun is of Anglo Saxon, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Anglo Saxon: Brown or Dark
English: Dark Skinned

Similar Names

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Related Names

Ambruni  (Hindu)
An Apsara's Name
Andvaranaut  (Norse)
Brunhild's Ring
Bruna  (Russian)
Dark Haired
Bruna  (German)
Of the Dark Hair
Bruna  (Teutonic)
Dark Haired
Bruna  (Italian)
Dark Haired
Brune  (German)
Of the Dark Hair
Brunella  (French)
Brown Haired
Brunelle  (French)
Dark Haired
Brunetta  (Italian)
Dark Haired
Brunetta  (German)
Feminine Form of Bruno: from the Old German 'Brun' Meaning Brown
Brunhild  (German)
Dark or Noble
Brunhild  (Norse)
Armored Fighting Woman
Brunhild  (Teutonic)
Armored Battle Maiden
Brunhilda  (German)
Dark or Noble
Brunhilda  (Norse)
Armored Fighting Woman
Brunhilda  (Teutonic)
Armored Battle Maiden
Brunhilde  (German)
Dark or Noble
Brunhilde  (Teutonic)
Armored Battle Maiden
Bruni  (Norse)
Son of Earl Harek
Brunnehilde  (Norse)
Armored Fighting Woman
Bruno  (German)
From the Old German 'Brun' Meaning Brown. Famous Bearers: Three Th and Th Century German Saints, One of Whom Founded the Carthusian Order of Monks. Used Occasionally in English-speaking Countries Sinc
Bruno  (Italian)
Brown Haired
Bruno  (German)
Brown One
Bruno  (English)
Dark of Skin
Bruno  (French)
The Noble One
Bruno  (Teutonic)
Dark Skinned
Brunon  (German)
Brunon  (Polish)
Brown (Colour Name)
Bruns  (English)
Variant of Bruno: Dark of Skin
Morela  (Portuguese)

Additional Names

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